What is Computer Elbow? What is Mouse Elbow?

What is Computer Elbow? What is Mouse Elbow?

Elbow pain can be a real drag, but sometimes what starts out as a small pain can really be something serious. If you work in an office setting, then you probably know what it feels like to have your hands cramp up from typing all day.

Repetitively typing, readying reports and presentations, all of these things can really wear down your body in ways you wouldn’t expect.

If you’ve noticed pain in one of your elbows after long days at the office, it is possible you could have a condition known as computer elbow.
Some people also refer to this as mouse elbow, but regardless of which term is being used, it is a very annoying injury. It involves injuring the muscle tissue around your elbow by causing a tear through overuse of that area.

Office work is a great example of something that is performed repetitively day in and day out. Constantly checking emails, clicking on files, and remaining in the same posture for long stretches of the day contributes to the tearing of the muscle tissue. It may seem like a task that shouldn’t be causing an injury, but over a long period of time you are causing damage that will eventually manifest itself.

Symptoms of Computer Elbow

What is Computer Elbow? What is Mouse ElbowThe symptoms of computer elbow are actually very similar to another injury known as tennis elbow. Your elbow will have painful swelling around the injured area.

You may wind up having your elbow swell up much larger than it normally is depending on the severity of the inflammation. It can also be very painful, making touching your arm or attempting to move it an excruciating experience.

A very mild case of computer elbow will still be a big hindrance. It can make performing your job much more difficult, as doing the tasks that ultimately brought about the injury will cause you great pain.

In severe cases, you may not even be able to move your arm due to extreme inflammation and loss of flexibility in your elbow from the muscle tears.

Seek a Medical Diagnosis

What is Computer Elbow? What is Mouse Elbow?If you suspect you have an injury, it is recommended that you go seek a medical diagnosis.

Your personal doctor is in the best position to determine if you have this injury, and can then plan out what treatment path you should be on.

Positively, the treatments for common cases of computer elbow are very simple but effective.

Your doctor is likely to recommend a significant amount of rest first. You need to stay away from doing the things that caused you to get hurt in the first place.

Returning to these activities too quickly could aggravate the mouse elbow injury, leading to you having further complications and inhibited healing.

Medications such as ibuprofen can help to take swelling away and will also manage your pain. Icing the injury is recommended in small bursts, but only for 10-15 minutes at a time. This treatment path is not unlike that of a tennis elbow injury, because they are the same type of problem. It could take between six months and one year to fully heal up from your bout of computer elbow.

Elbow Braces and Compression Sleeves Can Aid You

best tennis elbow braceYou don’t have to wait six months to get back to work thankfully. You will start to feel some relief after resting for a time, but will still need help in getting back to your usual form.

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They are designed to work together or alone to provide you with protection while remaining comfortable to wear.

Wearing either of these braces through a full work day will be no problem. They are made from flexible and breathable material, so they don’t negatively effect your range of motion. You’ll feel much safer working with your brace on, as the strain on your muscles is significantly lessened.

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Wrap Up

Using the above tips should allow you to handle your case of mouse elbow without too many issues. If problems persist, you should consult your doctor on what step to take next.

Treatment options like physical therapy can be a great tool to get your strength levels back up. They aren’t usually necessary though, and you should be fine by using your elbow brace and compression sleeve regularly.