What Does A Compression Arm Sleeve Do?

If you are a sports fan then you have probably seen many of your favorite athletes on television wearing compression sleeves.

Compression sleeves are becoming more and more popular every year. If you don’t understand what compression sleeves do, you might just think that they are a fashion statement.

NBA players like Lebron JamesCarmelo Anthony, and Dwyane Wade certainly have popularized the look of wearing these compression sleeves, but they don’t wear them just to look flashier on the court. They wear them to reduce pain and swelling in their muscles and to give themselves an edge.

Compression sleeves are very useful whether you are an athlete or not.

The benefits to using a compression sleeve to help soothe your muscles and recover from exercise are many.

You can buy these products for use on your arms or your legs. They come in different sizes sometimes but most are made of a breathable, stretchable material that allows them to fit comfortably over most any arm or leg. 

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If you’re new to the idea of using products like this, you might not yet fully understand what all a compression sleeve can really do for you. I have compiled information on the benefits of using compression arm sleeves below.

Read through all of the information and you will see why getting yourself one today is an excellent idea. 

Promotes Better Circulation

Wearing a compression sleeve helps to promote better circulation.

If you get injured then the affected area can wind up having bad blood circulation while you’re healing. When your blood isn’t circulating properly it can cause swelling and inflammation to become worse. This makes the healing process incredibly frustrating and can keep you from doing the activities you love for an extended period of time.

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The compression sleeve will keep this from happening and you’ll be able to go about your business with much less pain.

This is perhaps the most popular reason why compression sleeves have become so prevalent with athletes. It helps to keep them in the game.


Regulates Body Temperature

If you are playing a sport outside or working outside in some fashion, then having a compression sleeve can be a definite boon for you.

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A compression sleeve can keep your body temperature steady in the spots where you are wearing them. It won’t make as much of a difference whether it is hot or cold outside when wearing one.

These compression sleeves are made to be very breathable so on a hot day you’ll be able to stay cool while wearing one. It will prevent sweat from becoming a problem where you’re wearing them. This can improve your performance and keep you working or playing steadily. 

Skin Protection

Compression sleeves can also provide some simple protection for your skin.

By wearing the sleeve you can prevent some bumps, scratches, and bruises that you might normally incur by having your skin exposed. This is very useful when playing sports because you are likely to come into contact with other players and get these sorts of minor injuries.

In everyday activities this can be useful as well. While working any sort of physical job, having some protection for your arms can definitely come in handy. 

Helps Alleviate Muscle Soreness

Sore muscles can be very common. Many people just put up with sore muscles after a workout, chalking it up to it just being a natural part of the process. Although it is true that you are bound to be sore after exerting yourself, you don’t have to just deal with the soreness without doing anything to soothe it.

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Compression sleeves are a very effective way to alleviate muscle soreness. Wearing your sleeve after working out or otherwise causing your muscles to become sore will prevent your muscles from becoming too tight.

Loosening up your muscles will allow you to keep doing what you want to do  without harming your performance.

Resting sore or injured muscles is still important of course, but wearing a sleeve can mean the difference between feeling able to perform a task and not being able to do it all in some cases.


Faster Healing and Muscle Recovery

You now know that compression arm sleeves are generally worn to help your muscles recover after injuring or exerting them. But you might not have known that wearing the compression sleeve actually promotes faster healing and muscle recovery.

The reason for this goes back to the way a compression sleeve improves your blood circulation. This allows your blood to flow and circulate to the heart quicker which will lead to your injured muscles healing much quicker. It’s always a good idea to use a compression sleeve to promote faster healing for this reason. 


Wearing a compression sleeve is a great idea when you are an athlete or someone who exerts their muscles from any type of task.

The benefits to wearing compression sleeves are many. You can reduce swelling after injuring your muscles. Simply having the compression sleeve on will help your muscles to heal faster as it improves your blood circulation and allows your heart to get blood to the injured area quicker. 

The cost of buying a compression sleeve is minute compared to the benefits you will see from using one on a regular basis.

Now you know that they are not just interesting looking pieces of flair that professional athletes add to their uniforms to make things more interesting. They make use of compression sleeves because of the plethora of benefits listed above. If you suffer from sore muscles then this is something that will help you out greatly.

You don’t have to suffer through inflammation and being uncomfortable while waiting for your muscles to heal. With the proper use of your new compression sleeve managing your injury will be much more simple.

Product images sourced from Amazon.com.