Top 25 Women Hiking Blogs You Must Follow In 2018

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Hiking is a wonderful hobby that is both challenging and fulfilling. Following hiking blogs is an excellent way to get ideas for where to go on hiking adventures, or even just to help find some inspiration to get out there and enjoy nature.

Below I am listing the Top 25 Women Hiking Blogs that I know you should follow in 2018. These blogs are all producing interesting content that you won’t want to miss.

Top 25 Women Hiking Blogs

Bearfoot Theory

bearfoot-theoryBearfoot Theory has the tag line of being an outdoor travel blog for the everyday explorer.

Kristen from Salt Lake City, Utah will be exploring awesome and easily accessible outdoor destinations. A great follow for both ideas and inspiring scenery.

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Appalachian Trail Girl

appalachian-trail-girlAppalachian Trail Girl is chocked full of information about a wide variety of different locations. Megan is an experienced hiker and this blog makes for a great how to when you’re getting started in the hobby. Regardless of your experience level, following this blog is highly recommended.

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Hiking Lady

Hiking Lady is a blog that includes information on gear, advice on how to hike, and many other nuggets of wisdom.hiking-lady
There is a wide swath of reviews so you can pick out the right gear to take on your own hiking adventures.

Definitely follow to stay up to date on what you’ll need for your hikes in 2018.

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Dirtbag Darling

dirtbag-darlingDirtbag Darling offers a blog covering all aspects of hiking. There are guides that will be a helpful resource to you on your own hikes.

This blog also has visually stunning pictures, gear reviews and a fun to follow journal.

I Could Drive For Ever

i could drive for everThis blog proudly declares “I could drive forever, but I’m walking instead.” Molly Katzman has hiked all around North America.

There are many pictures and stories from her hikes as well as information on the gear she uses.

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I Have Walked Here

i-have-walked-hereHelen Beelen’s blog is titled I Have Walked Here. There are many hiking adventures already documented on this blog and surely there are more to come.

The write-ups for the hiking trips are all very endearing and make this a stand out blog in the field.

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As The Trail Turns

as-the-trail-turnsAs the Trail Turns is a blog being operated by a woman going by the handle “Not a Chance.” She has hiked incredibly long distances and has many stories to tell on her blog with copious amounts of pictures throughout.

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Hiking the Hayduke Trail

hay-duke-trailHay Duke Trail is run by Katherine Cook out of Seattle, WA. She’s periodically made it a habit of going out on long hiking and biking trips.

This blog is where she will share her experiences with you.

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Lady On A Rock

lady-on-a-rockLady on a Rock is all about hiking and adventure as a lifestyle.

Christy Rosander, otherwise referred to as “Rockin’” on the blog, loves to backpack, hike and generally be outdoors. She has a ton of hikes under her belt and this blog shares those stories with you.

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Eat Thomas

eat-thomasLiz Thomas runs her blog Eat Thomas as an authoritative expert in the hobby.

She has enough experience to count herself among the most experienced female hikers in the United States and uses her expertise to provide advice on trip planning and much more.

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Hiking For Her

hiking-for-herHiking For Her is a very informational blog.

There is a lot of information on getting started with hiking, techniques you should keep in mind on the trail and more.

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Hike Like A Woman

hike-like-a-womanHike Like a Woman is all about hiking, inspiring and educating the hiking community.

It is a blog that prides itself on being a great resource for fellow hiking enthusiasts in a wide variety of ways.

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Mountain Chicks

top 25 women hiking blogs

Great blog to follow and a nice quote from Mountain Chicks. “We believe there needs to be an all inclusive adventure platform for women of different types, activity level, and activity preference. Our goal is to spread love for the outdoors and create a platform for women to adventure together.” – The Mountain Chicks Mission

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Lady Hike

lady-hikeThe Lady Hike blog is specifically about clothing solutions for women who are out on a hike.

There are many innovations that this blog brings to the table and is a great follow for that very reason.

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Betty Mountain Girl 

betty-mountain-girlBetty Mountain Girl has a great time sharing her outrageous hiking and outdoor experiences on her blog. A lot of interesting personal content as well as opinions and product reviews.

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Adventure Is Good Company

adventures-in-good-companyAdventures in Good Company is unique in that this is about helping to provide women with trip arrangements.

A safe way to experience adventures with like-minded individuals and have the time of your life.

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Hike Bike Travel

hike-bike-travelLeigh McAdam has a real passion for travel and outdoor adventure.

Her blog Hike Bike Travel showcases this well. A beautifully put together website with information on hikes from locations all across the globe.

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calipidderRebecca runs the calippider website.

This site has trip reports, inspiring photographs of journeys undertaken and practical gear advice that will help you in your own explorations. 

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Christine On Big Trip

christine-on-big-tripGerman Tourist Christine forsook a life as a successful career woman to pursue her love of hiking around the world.

This blog showcases the love she has for this hobby and provides great information on gear and planning.

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The Hiking Tree Blog

the-hiking-tree-blogThe Hiking Tree Blog is a witty, well written blog that provides a lot of great practical advice.

For instance, they provide many recipes that are possible to make while out on the trail. Combine information like this with gear advice and you can see why it makes for a good follow.

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Wild Women Hiking

wild-women-hikingThe Wild Women Hiking Adventure Club is based out of LA and is all about having fun and getting fit.

The blog openly invites women in the LA area to come join them in blazing trails towards their goals.

Love In A Tent

love-in-a-tentThe Love in a Tent blog showcases why hiking is more fun when you do it with the one you love.

Many posts are provocative and provide information on how to make a hiking trip for a couple work best. There are also posts about practical information and gear you should take with you.

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Fiona Outdoors

fiona-outdoorsFiona’s Outdoors encompasses many outdoor activities. This blog operates out of Scotland and gives you a great glimpse into the beauty that can be found outdoors there.

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Just A Colorado Gal

just-a-colorado-galJust a Colorado Gal is an excellent blog for many reasons. There is a great sense of adventure and a passion for hiking being showcased in every post. Gorgeous pictures of the trips taken by a talented photographer make this blog very visually appealing as well.

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Mommy Hiker

mommy-hikerMommy Hiker is a community of families who believes it is vital to well being to get in to the great outdoors to explore and discover the beauty and wonder of our nature. 

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The above 25 blogs should provide you with many hours of informative reading and entertainment.

Whether you just want to see some visually stunning scenery, or if you’re looking for advice in planning your own hike, these blogs will help you out. There is a lot of information that will make your own adventures go much smoother. Hiking can make for great memories.

Allow the women operating the above blogs to share their memories and experiences with you so that you can have a safe and wonderful time creating your own in the future.