Our Favorite 25 Fitness Bloggers To Follow in 2018

Top 25 Fitness Bloggers

Staying fit is one of the most important aspects of life. In order to stay motivated and keep a steady stream of good fitness ideas and advice on your mind, you have probably started reading fitness blogs.

There are numerous blogs out there but narrowing it down to the best ones can be time consuming. I have been following fitness blogs for a long time and decided to make a list of the top 25 fitness bloggers today. This information will help you find the blogs that will motivate you the most.

Top 25 Fitness Bloggers

Workout Mommy

workoutmommy-comReason to follow: Workout Mommy is an informative blog written from the point of view of a single mom.

Lots of practical advice on eating the right foods, staying motivated, and unique ways to work out.

Our favorite post: Junk food addiction works 

Fit Bottomed Girls

fit bottomed girlsReason to follow: A great mixture of inspiring articles to keep you motivated with recipes and workout advice.

Very well-written and useful information written from the perspective of the modern woman on the go.

Our favorite post: Two pieces of apparel you’ll fee goo in and about 


blogalitesReason to follow: Blogilates is a blog you can turn to for all of your fitness needs.

They have information on recipes, pitfalls to watch out for when dieting, and all aspects of nutrition. Their workout routines and videos are top notch as well.

Our favorite video: 6 Min to a Sexy Booty 

Anytime Fitness

any time fitnessReason to follow: Anytime Fitness is a recognizable brand in the world of gyms of course, and their website is an excellent resource tool. They offer a plethora of articles to help you get the most out of your workouts as well as a wellness tracker tool to help with dieting.

Our favorite post: This Simple Tool Can Help Make Better Choices

Julia’s Fitness Blog

httpjuliabuckleyfitness-comReason to follow: Julia’s blog is all about getting yourself motivated to keep going to meet and surpass your goals.

Her inspiring stories will help give you the mental edge you need in your ongoing fitness endeavors.

Our favorite post: 50kg lost and fitter than ever at 57

Fem Fusion Fitness

femfusionfitness-comReason to follow: This is a blog designed for women by women. It comes from a very honest place when talking about women’s fitness and will help you to eat clean and get moving every day.

Our favorite post: Pelvic release stretches

Peanut Butter Fingers

http-www-pbfingers-comReason to follow: This blog has some incredible finds for healthy foods to keep you happy while dieting.

There is a lot of information about generally everything you need to stay fit, but their recipe index is an especially nice touch.

Our favorite post:  Easy baked miso chicken thighs

Fa Fit Sake

www-fafitsake-comReason to follow: When you are looking for workout routines to do at home, this blog is a go to resource.

Tons of information on working out from the perspective of a man who has been a fitness coach for many years.

Articles on ways to work out when you are short on time are very welcome.

Our favorite post: Do less so you can do more

Jen Selter

jenselter-comReason to follow: Good workout plans to help you stay in shape.

There are some truly helpful lower body workout plans on Jen’s blogs that can make sure you are targeting all of the right areas to get that toned look you desire.

Check her out: Blog

City Fitness Philadelphia

city of fitness phillyReason to follow: Fitness advice straight out of Philly. The blog is a veritable wellspring of information when it comes to good foods to eat and advice on healthy snacking.

Also great ideas for getting a workout in outside once the weather has gotten nice after a long winter.

Our favorite article: Working out outside

Danny Kennedy Fitness

http-dannykennedyfitness-comReason to follow: If you want to burn fat and build up muscle then this blog will be a great read for you. Danny has dedicated himself to learning how best to burn fat while maintaining a sustainable diet.

Our favorite article: 5 reasons you can’t stick to your diet

How to Beast

how-to-beastReason to follow: Written from a man’s perspective, this is a blog all about building up muscle and getting ripped. All of the information you need to accomplish this goal is on the blog and you’ll love how they have kept all aspects of fitness in mind when curating their advice.

Our favorite article: Th10 Best Muscle-Building Foods

Divas Run for Bling

divasrunforblingReason to follow: If you love running or want to get into running for the sake of fitness, then this blog will be very useful.

Of course the dietary advice is present but the best content on this blog is all about ways to make running fun and how to get the most out of your experience.

Our favorite article: 7 Fantastic Ways to Make Running Fun

A Daily Dose of Fit

adailydoseoffitReason to follow: A Daily Dose of Fit is a very good practical resource blog when it comes to getting information and keeping up on the latest ideas for physical fitness.

Advice about recovering from specific injuries and soreness is especially useful since it is a pitfall a lot of fitness blogs don’t address. Recommended blog for high quality content.

Check them out: http://www.adailydoseoffit.com/

A Lady Goes West

aladygoeswestReason to follow: Ashley is passionate about physical fitness and finding good foods to help you stay healthy and happy.

An interesting aspect about her blog as of late is that she is talking about her experience being pregnant and how it changes her approach on fitness. It is a very interesting read.

Our favorite article:  My take on what the first half of your second trimester of pregnancy feels like

Alisha Leytem

alisha leytemReason to follow: This is a different sort of blog. It isn’t focused on the physical aspects of fitness so much as the other blogs on this list.

Alisha is a yoga enthusiast which is excellent for fitness of course, but the bulk of the content on her blog is focused on mental clarity and empowerment. Follow if you want help staying positive and keeping a clear mind.

Our favorite video: Intro to Essential Oils (Full Class Video) – Alisha Leytem: Yoga, Coaching, Oils

Buff Mother

buffmother-comReason to follow: A blog to follow when you want workout ideas and videos that you can follow. Michelle does an incredible job of crafting workout routines that will target the areas women need help burning fat in the most.

Using her workout routines will help you become a buff mother yourself as long as you dedicate to putting the time in.

Our favorite video:  100 abs on floor full workout follow along

Burpees for Breakfast

burpeesforbreakfastReasons to follow: Truly a blog that has a wealth of information in every category you could need to help with your fitness routines.

The workouts are crafted to help women empower themselves and be the best they can be. There are a lot of good fitness discussion posts that can help you determine what aspects you should be focusing on as well.

Our favorite article: Does lifting weights burn as many calories as cardio

Carrots ‘n’ Cake

carotsncakeReasons to follow: An absolutely charming blog that has great recipe ideas and speaks about fitness from the female perspective.

The workout ideas present on the blog are incredibly varied from running all the way to crossfit and kettlebell routines. Also has some go to advice on staying active when recovering from an injury.

Our favorite post: Staying Active During An Injury

Cherie Runs This

cherierunsthisReasons to follow: Cherie has a great blog for helping you stay motivated to succeed when it comes to your diet and physical fitness goals. She even runs half marathons and writes about her experience and the diet she has leading up to the event.

Our favorite post: What I Eat While Training for the Pittsburgh Marathon Half

Cohesive Pilates & Fitness

cohesive-fitnessReason to follow: If Pilates is your go to workout of choice, or you are interested in getting into it, this blog is a must.

There is a lot of good information here to keep your fitness routine going strong. Stephanie is a Pilates instructor and has a wealth of experience to share that will make your work outs fun and fruitful.

Our favorite post: 4 Reasons to try pilates

Comeback Momma

comeback-mommaReason to follow: Another great blog for finding unique and delicious recipe ideas. There are some tantalizing health foods posts on this blog that will be sure to help out any diet.

The practical fitness advice and routines are very good as well making this blog a for sure follow.

Our favorite post: Home Made Turkey Burgers with Apples and Mushrooms

Confessions of a Fitness Instructor

confessionsofafitnessinstructorReasons to follow: Whenever you have a blog being written from a professional fitness instructor’s perspective it is good to take note.

There is a lot of fitness advice and even a focus on fun fitness such as Zumba. She creates playlists to use during Zumba sessions that are very entertaining and make your workouts feel like less of a chore.

Our favorite post: Instructor tips: how I create and organize zumba playlists in iTunes

Crazy Running Legs

crazyrunninglegsReasons to follow: A blog from a working mom of three who is also a runner.

There are good workout routines here that will be very welcome for those who like running and making use of the treadmill for their cardio.

Our favorite post:  Workout Wednesday: I hate the treadmill workout

Her Heartland Soul

omaha-blogger-fashion-shoot-web-0042Reasons to follow: A down to earth blog that isn’t just all about fitness.

There are several great fitness posts that will help to motivate you and shows the personal progress of Erin. She has tasty recipes and everyday routines and advice to share.

Very good for those not wanting to get into the hardcore fitness routines right away but want to stay motivated and keep an eye towards their goals.

Our favorite post: Why I run


All of the fitness blogs above are great resources that you should make use of when you have the chance. Getting good advice when it comes to fitness routines and diet can mean the difference between meeting your goals and facing setbacks.

Getting into your ideal physical shape is a journey and you should know that it is one we all take. Allow the blogs above to help play a role in your physical fitness adventures and I think you will find the results to be to your liking. We’re all in this together.