7 Things to Do on Sunday to Make the Rest of the Week a Lot Easier

We all know that Mondays can be a bit intimidating. Dreading the beginning of your work week can sometimes wind up making your Sunday really unproductive. When you spend most of your Sunday fretting over the upcoming week, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice.

You should do your best to turn that trend around and start getting some important things done on Sundays.

If you could take care of seven important things on Sunday, it would make the rest of your week so much easier. Let’s take a look at some recommended activities you can do on a Sunday to set yourself up for a successful week.

Get some Exercise

There are two ways you could decide to go about this. You could use Sunday as a good opportunity to get some exercise. It’s usually a fairly free day and affords you with plenty of time to get a good workout. You’ll feel much more accomplished knowing that you did something positive with your Sunday as well.


You could also schedule your workouts for the upcoming week too. Look at your schedule and see where you can most easily fit in some quality exercise. Making sure that you keep up with your fitness routine is important, and finding the time to plan things out can make the process easier.

Spend Some Time Outdoors

Spending time outside is important. We all spend way too much of our lives cooped up in office spaces and other work environments. Getting outside to enjoy yourself a bit on Sunday makes a lot of sense. You can give yourself some time to unwind and seek just a little bit of tranquility before the beginning of your work week.

outdoor walk

Whether you choose to do some work outside in your yard or go on a hike is up to you. Just do your best to make the most of your time. You’ll feel much better after getting some fresh air no matter what you decide to do.

Take Note of Your Schedule for the Week

It’s important to do a little planning on the weekend. Sunday is the perfect day to examine your schedule and mentally prepare yourself for the tasks of the upcoming week.

It isn’t necessary to mull over it for too long, but simply being sure you’re fully prepared is smart. This way you won’t forget something crucial that had slipped your mind.

Create a List of Things You’re Looking Forward to Doing

To cultivate positive feelings, it’s a good idea to make a list of things you’re looking forward to doing in the upcoming week. You could be looking forward to playing a round of basketball with your friends, or maybe you’re meeting up for lunch with a colleague.

Go ahead and list all of the fun things you’re going to get to do over the week. This gives you a tangible reminder that you have a lot to look forward to, and you can go into your work week looking forward to it.


Meditation is an excellent way to center yourself. When you’re feeling a sense of dread about the upcoming week, find the time to meditate and let your worries dissipate. Even if you aren’t into the practice of meditation, simply finding some calm time to close your eyes and relax can be useful.

You’ll find that appreciating these calm moments will make you feel much more confident and ready to tackle your work week.

Get a Good Night’s Rest

Do your best not to stay up late on Sunday night. It can be tempting to just enjoy yourself and watch some movies until late in the night. This is counterproductive when it comes to starting off your work week well. Set a bedtime for yourself and do your best to keep to it.

Even getting to sleep by 11:00 PM would be a sensible way to ensure you’ll have enough energy to stare Monday right in the eyes.

Prepare Some Meals

Preparing meals ahead of time and portioning them out is very helpful. Not having to worry about cooking meals during the week can take some of the stress away. You’ll also be able to portion out the meals in smart ways so that they fit with your diet goals. Just try to choose some healthy options that will be easy to warm up and eat at the right times.

Wrap Up

If you do all of the aforementioned activities during your Sunday, then you’re definitely going to set yourself up for a good work week.

Mondays aren’t fun, but they can be a lot easier when you make good use of your time. Using your Sunday to both get enough rest and do some important tasks will aid you. You just need to be willing to set goals for yourself and stick to them.