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Our Incredible Customers

Compression Sleeve/Arm Band Combo Minimizes My Pain!

This was a very welcome purchase for me. As a photographer I struggle with tennis elbow from time to time. I have used a sleeve and a band separately, but to buy these bundled together was very nice! It was packaged neatly and easy to open with a nice zip closure.

If you decide to buy this product make sure you select the correct size. I knew the size I needed and when I slid the sleeve on it was a perfect fit. Just the right amount of compression for a sleeve. If the sleeve is too tight you won't be able to slide it on and if it's too loose you will get very little compression.

The band is a nice quality too. It works quite nicely with the sleeve. As I said earlier, I've worn sleeves and bands separately, but never together. The band that accompanies this sleeve works nicely combined with the sleeve or separately.

If you struggle with tennis elbow I HIGHLY recommend this!  - A. Demetrious

This Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve is Excellent for Elbow Pain and Support

This Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve is EXCELLENT! I ordered this because I have been having some major pain in my elbow. I have been to the doctor and they gave some medication for the inflammation and pain in my elbow, but it has not really helped. The doctor suggested maybe wearing some kind of brace or sleeve to help support my arm while I work out to help with the pain.

The Compression Sleeve works Wonders. It hugs the arm and elbow just right. The material is very lightweight and has moisture wicking material so it does not sweat. This was very important for me because I work out in the sun here in Florida, so having a hot sleeve on my arm would be worse than the pain in my elbow. Also the material does not stink after wearing it all day, so that is an added plus, but the sleeve can be put in the washer and it washes clean very nicely.

This Compression Elbow Sleeve has been a major help to my elbow pain. It helps me so much, that I will not leave home without it. I make sure I have this sleeve on like it is a piece of clothing I put on everyday. The copper embedded nylon in the sleeve helps with any swelling of muscles and really helps relieve pain.

I highly, highly recommend this Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve and Focus Fitness.  -  Chris P.

If getting out of my warm and comfortable bed is bad then the Lord has blessed me

I'm 6' 240. I've been working out all my life. But now things take a little longer to recover and getting out of bed is the saddest point of my day. There is always a positive, if getting out of my warm and comfortable bed is bad then the Lord has blessed me :). So, I start looking for a little help with the weak links. I find a good deal so I go for it. This combination is awesome! The compression is great for my build and the additional support from the brace is just what I needed. It works great for me, that's all I can tell you! Good luck!  - Anonymous Customer

2 thumbs up

Love this set. The material it is made of keeps my elbow compressed, yet with the cool smooth feeling even when I sweat. The adjustable brace is great, allowing me to tighten or loosen to my comfort. I wear it while playing volleyball too. Highly recommend it.  - H. N.

Tennis elbow

I recently was told that I have Tennis Elbow. My doctor gave me a brace that really didn't help with the pain at all. I decided to buy this elbow brace and compression sleeve. I put it on the second it came in and I feel a big difference by just wearing the sleeve. I wore the brace with the sleeve and it works great. It is comfortable and once you have it one you can't tell that it's there.  - Juan Romero JR