WIMI Sports & Fitness Elbow Support Complete Solution Launching in Australia


WIMI Sports & Fitness is a company that we originally formed in our home country of France.

We began this business with the goal of providing the highest quality sports & fitness products at affordable prices.

As fitness buffs ourselves, it was easy to identify certain holes in the market where more high-quality products were needed.

Popular in North America & Europe

We created and launched a line of products in North America and Europe with great success. It has been our pleasure to bring sports & fitness items to the market that can really make a positive impact on people’s lives.

The demand for WIMI Sports & Fitness has been so great that we have finally decided to launch our brand in Australia on January 18th, 2018.

best tennis elbow braceThe first product that will be launching in Australia is a best seller for us here at WIMI, the Elbow Support Complete Solution. This product is so popular because there is such a need for help to relieve pain caused by tennis elbow.

Tennis elbow injuries are very commonplace, and thousands see their doctors each year for treatment.

The Elbow Support Complete Solution is a tested and market approved hit for tennis elbow pain relief.

What makes the Elbow Support Complete Solution stand out from its competitors is a unique 2-in-1 approach to pain relief. There is both a tennis elbow brace and a copper-infused compression sleeve in each package. They can be used separately or together as needed. When used in tandem they work together to support your elbow and soothe nagging pains.


Customers around the world have spoken on how the Elbow Support Complete Solution has helped them:

“This is a great product that I use as part of my tennis elbow recovery routine. It provides pain relief without limiting my range of motion.” – Lisa

“My wife has a severe case of tennis elbow and is experiencing pain doing any type of daily activity. After wearing the sleeve for a couple of days, she liked how it relieved the pain and has a cooling sensation. She was even able to do some normal activities without pain radiating through her arm!” – Dennis Keefe

Through using this product customers can target their tennis elbow pain effectively. It is designed to be comfortable to wear for long stretches. The material used to make both the sleeve and brace is very breathable.

The goal was for customers to be able to move freely while using the brace, and our customers have spoken up in saying how much this has helped them return to doing what they love.

Whether it is getting back to work or just trying to ease yourself back into recreational sports, the support provided by these braces will be your ally.

We here at WIMI Sports & Fitness look forward to serving the needs of the great people of Australia. We aim to provide exceptional service and become a trusted name in the sports & fitness world in Australia just as we have in North America and Europe.

Please visit our Amazon Product Page to purchase our Tennis Elbow System. Price: $24.97 + $10.00 Standard Shipping