How To Choose the Right Type of Tea for Your Mood

tea for mood

Tea is a favorite drink for many people all around the world. There are plenty of us that love to drink it multiple times a day.

Aside from being tasty and enjoyable to drink, tea has a lot of health benefits.

From helping with weight loss all the way to managing moods, tea can be your best friend. There are many different types of tea out there, and each of them can have a different impact.

The Right Type of Tea for Your Mood

I decided to compile a list of information to help you choose the right type of tea for your mood. Following the information below you will be able to pair up the right tea with how you are feeling to help keep your body and mind feeling good all day long.


lavender tea

Feeling exhausted and need sleep? Drink green or lavender tea

Green tea is absolutely perfect for those who need to calm themselves and get some rest.

What green tea will do for you is give you a nice relaxed feeling.

The L-theanine helps your mind to settle down. This works well for winding down from a hard day of work or any other sort of stressful situation.

Lavender tea can also be quite good for treating sleeplessness. It helps improve blood circulation and is very popular to drink at night just before bed. Getting into the habit of having either of these teas before you go to sleep could help you immensely.


lemongrass tea

Dealing with depression? Try lemongrass tea

Lemongrass tea has a reputation of being helpful for those coping with depression issues. This is not a substitute for treatment for clinical depression of course, but it can be beneficial for helping to boost your mood when dealing with minor depression.

The essential oils contained within this tea are great at helping your body calm down and give you a nice feeling inside. It is a natural anti-depressant that can be very useful for improving your mood.

Seeking Positivity

masala chai tea

For more positivity, drink Indian masala chai

Drinking Indian masala chai can be a very great experience.

Let’s say you have been dealing with a little bit of negativity in your life. This is never good because nothing positive ever comes out of letting negativity linger in your life.

By drinking this tea you can change your mood around and promote positivity within yourself. Your body will be stimulated to generate serotonin and that will help to even out your mood, making it much simpler to stay in a positive frame of mind.


Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea works wonders for stress

Everyone deals with a lot of stress in their lives.

On a daily basis stressful situations seem to present themselves to us. This is not something that we can change because the world around is also going to have difficult situations.

Keeping your stress in check is important because you need to be relaxed and happy to have the greatest success in life.

Chamomile tea can help you to relieve that stress you have been feeling. Your blood circulation will be boosted which will greatly decrease the effect of cortisol in your system, which is a hormone related to stress.



Does life have you feeling anxious? Tart cherry tea will help

Feelings of anxiety and restlessness are never something you want to let stick around too long. It’s a terrible feeling to be on edge like this.

Luckily tart cherry tea is very effective at getting rid of those feelings of anxiety.

Simply drinking a cup of tart cherry tea can slow your blood flow which will help you to calm down.



When you are angry go for orange tea

We all have aspects of life that bring out our angry sides.

Instead of letting that anger fester, know that you can turn to tea to help you tame those feelings of rage. Orange tea is particularly effective at helping to get rid of feelings of anger. It has a very nice calming scent and tastes great.

Drinking a cup should boost your mood and have your angry mood become an afterthought. Lemon tea is also good for this if you prefer the taste of lemon to orange.

Energy Boost


Boost your energy with black tea

Black tea is a favorite for many people because it is known to help boost your energy levels.

Rather than taking some over the counter product to feel more energetic throughout your day, you should consider starting your day with a nice cup of black tea.

The natural stimulants contained in this tea such as caffeine can help to keep you going throughout your day. It really makes a difference and is highly recommended to drink before work or school to keep you feeling ready to succeed in anything you do.



Uneasy and need to calm your mind? Peppermint tea will do the trick

Every once in awhile a person might feel uneasy. Maybe a big test is coming up at school and you are worried about how it will go.

You could be dealing with a loss of some kind or the end of a relationship.

Regardless feeling uneasy is not fun but you don’t have to let yourself suffer. Drinking peppermint tea is very good at washing away those uneasy feelings naturally. 

What is your Current Mood?

Tea For Any Mood




As you can see from all of the information above, different teas serve different purposes. It is fine to enjoy tea simply for the taste, but by taking the advice I have listed to heart you can really keep your moods in check.

Using the natural capabilities of tea to your advantage is a great idea. Knowing you are able to turn around a stressful or negative day into something that feels more positive is a wonderful feeling.

No matter what life throws at you, drinking tea can be a useful tool in maintaining happiness and health.