Stay safe at night with the running safety kit

Running is something that many of us are passionate about. Whether you are a competitive marathon runner or just one of us who enjoys recreational running as a way to stay in shape, you’ll be able to attest that going out on a run gives you a fantastic feeling.

Many of us have a tough time finding spots in our daily schedules to get a good run in though. With children to take care of and long work hours, there just never seems to be enough daylight.

I know that personally finding the time to run has been more difficult since having children. Taking care of the kids is the first priority and spending time with them before bed is important to me.

running safety kit

Whether you have children or not, there are likely a variety of things that keep you busy during the day. Often you might be pressed for time deep into the evening hours. We live in a busy world and running during the day isn’t always possible. This doesn’t mean that you should give up on running though.

Your passion for running is a good thing and it will help to keep you in good physical condition. Turning to going out for a run at night seems like the most logical solution for many.

Running at night sounds like a great idea, but there are dangers that come with doing this outside in the dark. It is much harder for a motorist to spot a jogger with no sunlight and this creates a lot of problems. You want to be able to get your run in and enjoy your time but don’t want to have to feel concerned with your safety. 

Where do I Find a Good Running Safety Kit?

Luckily there is a good solution for this problem. Recently a Kickstarter has launched for a Running Safety Kit specifically designed to keep runners safe at night.

Inside of this kit is one high quality LED head lamp, one adjustable reflective vest, two clip on LED safety lights, two reflective wrist slap bands and one tote bag to carry the gear. The reflective material makes it much easier for motorists to spot you on the roads while you are running.

running safety kit

The high quality LED lights make for an even safer running experience. When you make sure to wear all of the items in the kit it can help you to feel confident you are doing all you can to ensure your safety.

Taking a look at all of the gear together, we can say that it really is effective at making you more visible. When you use the LED lights combined with the reflective vest you are going to stand out among the darkness.

⚠️  The statistics show that around 122,000 runners are hospitalized each year due to being hit by a car. The dangers of being struck by a vehicle are only amplified when running at night, so it is smart to do all that you can to protect yourself.

Making sure to wear the reflective vest and LED lights can provide you some peace of mind so you can focus on enjoying your run and meeting your personal goals.

Take a look at the Kickstarter for this project.

For $40.00 you can essentially pre order one of these kits. The overall value of the gear in the kit is around $65.00. You are getting a great deal on all of this gear and it is very high quality stuff.

The success of this Kickstarter will allow for running safety kits to get into the hands of more people. It will also allow for larger quantities of these kits to be produced in a shorter amount of time.

The more people that have access to this kit the better, as we want everyone to be able to have a safe and enjoyable running experience. Eliminating accidents between motorists and joggers entirely may not be possible, but we can all do our best to stay safe out there.

Wrap Up

This Kickstarter project is definitely worth your time to look through and consider whether it is something you want to invest in.

Overall this is a very good product that is providing an important service for the safety of joggers everywhere. When gear like this becomes widely available to runners at a convenient price point, the roads are going to feel much safer at night.

Passion for running, training and physical fitness drives runners and bettering yourself as a runner should be what is on your mind when you go out for a run. With the reflective vest and all of the lights helping to keep you visible to motorists, you won’t have to run with a clouded, worried mind. Don’t run in fear at night, protect yourself with the running safety kit.