Guide To Choosing The Right Short Torso Waist Trainer

Choosing a good waist trainer can be very tricky. The size, material and even frequency of use will all determine whether your waist training will yield you the kind of results that you want. But did you know that choosing a long or short torso waist trainer is also important if you want to get good and fast results?

As you already know, our bodies come in many different shapes and sizes. This is why when we choose waist trainers, we also have to consider a person’s height and width. We’ve previously discussed how to spot the best waist trainer for women with long torso.

In this article, we will look into the definitive ways to determine if you should get a short torso waist trainer, know what makes a good waist trainer and learn a few tips in order to get the best results when waist training.

Choosing a short torso waist trainer

Your height can be a huge determinant of the type of waist trainer you should get. If you’re under 5’2″, a short torso waist trainer might be the best option for you. But just because you’re tall doesn’t mean you should automatically pick a long waist trainer.

It all, quite obviously, comes  down to knowing how long your waist is. Take out your tape measure, and start measuring from under your bust up to just above your pelvis. If your waist length is around 10″ or shorter, a short torso waist trainer would be perfect for you.

Your waist training options

When you have a short torso, you can choose to wear a corset or a waist training vest to provide the right compression and support to  your waist. Make sure to choose ones that are don’t go beyond 14″ in length with hard steel bones as it can be extremely uncomfortable especially if you’re going to wear it for long hours.

You can choose a waist trainer with two or three rows of hooks attached to it. But as always, we advise that you choose one that you can wear every day, while sitting down or working out. It should be able to provide you the right compression and comfort that will seal the deal of success to your waist training journey.

Quality and reviews are still just as important

The quality of the material and fit of the waist trainer also plays a part in determining the success of your waist training journey. If you’re going to wear your waist trainer for long hours, make sure to choose one that’s made with much more breathable fabric like cotton.

You can also choose one with polyester, but make sure to follow the right do’s and don’ts especially when you plan to use it while working out. This includes keeping your waist trainers clean by washing them every after use, as much as possible.

Aside from that, remember to take your time to read the reviews. It’s true that there is not a single perfect-for-everyone waist trainer. Essentially, what is the best waist trainer for you may not even be good for someone else.

But knowing what other women have to say about the short torso waist trainer you’ve been looking to buy might serve as a good guide for you when making your buying decision. It will also prevent you from purchasing from the wrong brand, which will essentially save you from a potential waist training failure.

Choosing the right one and avoiding short cuts

The best waist trainer for women is one that is made with the right materials that makes it tight enough and comfortable enough to wear. But having the right waist trainer is essentially just half of the entire waist training equation.

Being committed is also important if you really want to get good results — that is a dramatic curvy waist. When you’re committed to waist training, you’ll be consistent in wearing your waist trainer and stick to a healthy diet regimen.

Waist training will also increase your motivation to work out because it serves as a tangible reminder of your slimming journey and what you want to achieve. You’ve gone so far as start that waist training program you’ve long been holding off, why be lazy at working out now, right?

Waist training can be a very easy, painless and effective way of getting that beautiful hourglass shape for your torso. Choosing the right trainer is essential to get the results that you want. However, staying committed and consistent in your everyday waist training routine will help you get results faster.