Selfie Elbow is the World’s Newest Problem

In today’s world most everyone spends a ton of time on their smart phone. It is your portal to the entire world in many ways. You have access to pretty much the entire wealth of human knowledge accumulated over the ages.

Be that as it may, most of us just use it to text our friends and take pictures of ourselves to share on Instagram, Tumblr or whatever other social media site we prefer at the time.

If I were to tell you that taking too many selfies could cause you an actual painful injury, would you believe me? As weird as it sounds, it’s actually true. The condition is called selfie elbow, and yes it is a real thing.

What is Selfie Elbow?

So why would someone actually get selfie elbow? Taking a selfie is a pretty easy thing to do, right? That is true, but it is also true that to take a selfie you have to hold your arm up in kind of awkward positions. If you take a lot of selfies during any given day it could start to cause some wear and tear on your elbow.

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Look at the popularity of services like Snapchat for example. There are a lot of people who will take dozens if not more pictures a day to share with friends, apply filters to, and generally just have a good time.

When you are taking a lot of pictures and straining your arm to get those perfect shots, that is when you can get a problem like selfie elbow to creep up.

Selfie elbow is very similar to something like tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow. It is caused by repetitively using your arm in a certain way. This can cause stress on your joints and muscles and will eventually lead to small tears.

In turn your body will produce inflammation to try to promote healing in the area. This is natural but can be quite painful and will make doing the everyday tasks you need to do that much harder. Of course it won’t make taking selfies any easier either.

Despite the similarities to tennis elbow, this might be a bit more of an embarrassing condition to have a problem with.

selfie elbowMost people who wind up with tennis elbow are hurting their arms by doing something athletic in nature and this is an injury stemming from something decidedly more subdued.

If you are suffering from this you should not be embarrassed though. It’s not something that indicates a body weakness necessarily. These injuries are due to overuse and might be a sign to tone it down when it comes to taking so many selfies.

How Can I Treat Selfie Elbow?

Luckily there are a lot of simple ways to treat a problem like selfie elbow.

First I must state that you should consult your family physician on any medical issues. You can make an appointment and get a professional evaluation for your specific condition. I can go over the common treatments recommended for selfie elbow, but this is in no way a replacement for going to see a Doctor.

The first thing your physician is likely to tell you to do is rest and to try not to use your arm so much for a few days. This alone might be enough to get your arm feeling completely normal again.

Anti-inflammatory medication such as Ibuprofen can be quite useful to help yourself feel better too. Medications like Motrin are also recommended to help patients deal with the pain.

Remember that you should always take the proper dosages recommended by your physician. Another smart idea is to look into buying a compression sleeve or elbow brace for when you are having some soreness.

best tennis elbow brace

The WIMI Sports & Fitness compression sleeve above is an excellent example of a product that can help you.

Compression sleeves are great for dealing with problems like selfie elbow and tennis elbow. What a compression sleeve will do for you when it comes to selfie elbow is alleviate the pain.

Compression is one of the best things you can do to combat inflammation pain. It can help to reduce the inflammation over time while promoting muscle recovery. They are actually comfortable to wear too so that makes it a pretty easy solution and definitely worth buying for the pain relief they provide.

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Selfie elbow might seem like a silly thing when you first hear about it, but actually experiencing it will show you that it is a painful annoyance.

In the world we live in the amount of time we spend on our phones only seems to increase, so be sure to protect yourself when you’re taking a lot of selfies in a day.

Take rests, stretch your arms and if you feel soreness coming on remember to put on your compression sleeve. Be mindful that everything you do with your body will have positive and negative reactions.

Be sure to get enough exercise and don’t ignore when your body needs rest. With a little bit of care and paying attention to your body, you can prevent something like selfie elbow from becoming an issue.