How to Get Rid of Tennis Elbow – All Questions Answered

How Do You Get Rid of Tennis Elbow

A lot of people ask the same questions about tennis elbow and we felt at WIMI Sports & Fitness that it was really important to answer the most common questions.

  • Why do I have a pain in my elbow?
  • How do you cause tennis elbow?
  • How can I ease the pain of tennis elbow?
  • How long does it take to recover from tennis elbow?
  • How do you get rid of tennis elbow?

Without further ado, let’s answer these crucial questions!

Why Do I Have a Pain in My Elbow?

There are many people all around the world suffering from elbow pain.

We all use our elbows every day to help us perform various tasks for work.

Even when it comes to our exercise and recreational activities, we are putting a lot of wear and tear on our elbows. It shouldn’t be surprising that elbow pain is a prevalent problem for many, but what may be a surprise is what is causing many of these elbow injuries.

Did you know that many common elbow injuries are caused from simple tasks such as working at a computer? It can be hard to believe at first, but tasks that seem very simple at first can actually contribute greatly to elbow injuries. The human elbow is very susceptible to injury when it is overused.

We overuse our elbows by performing repetitive tasks on an everyday basis. These could be tasks we perform at our jobs such as picking things up, typing, using a mouse, stocking shelves, or using any variety of different tools.

All of these tasks won’t hurt your elbow through doing them once or twice.

But after hundreds and thousands of times of doing the same motion, tears can form in the muscles around the elbow.

Why Do I Have a Pain in My Elbow

When these tears form in your muscles it causes an injury known as tennis elbow. The technical name for this condition is lateral epicondylitis, and it can be a very painful, debilitating experience.

Tennis elbow is not something that is caused purely by playing sports, it is an injury that happens from doing any repetitive motion too much.


You will notice pain centralized around your elbow. Significant inflammation occurs during a tennis elbow injury, and sometimes the injured area will swell up much larger than normal.

Pain is typically more severe the more swollen up your elbow is. It will usually become very painful to attempt to move your arm, and it can take a few weeks or longer for this to improve.

There are many other names for tennis elbow injuries. It has been referred to as mouse elbow, computer elbow, and even golfer’s elbow.

The only real difference between tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow is the types of movement that cause the initial injury. Regardless of which type of injury you have, it will take some time for it to heal up.

If you follow an optimized treatment plan, it can take anywhere from six months to a couple of years for tennis elbow to completely go away.


Your doctor should examine your injury and determine the severity before you go through with any treatment plan. More than likely your doctor will tell you to get an ample amount of rest as the first step of your treatment plan.

If you rush back to work and start performing the same tasks that injured you originally, you’re going to make your condition even worse.

You will need to rest your arm for several weeks before easing back into light tasks.

Using anti-inflammatory medications as prescribed and icing the swelled up areas will help to keep your pain levels in check. It is also very smart to look into buying a brace to aid in protecting your elbow.

Options such as the Elbow Support Complete Solution are very appealing because of the two-in-one approach to alleviating tennis elbow pain. It has an elbow brace plus a copper-infused compression sleeve all in one convenient package. It works well using just one of these pieces, but both of them together can be a very powerful tool to tackle pain.

It works great for pain management, but one of the most important reasons to buy a brace and sleeve is for support. Your elbow is significantly weakened because of this injury.

In order to perform tasks and not hurt yourself, it is a good idea to have the brace to support you. It can keep you from harm while making you feel stronger than you otherwise would. This will allow you to get back to work quicker, while ensuring that you won’t simply aggravate your injury.

If you are a fitness buff at all, the benefits to having the compression sleeve are superb as well. It works very well in an office setting, but it can also keep your arm supported while playing basketball, tennis, golf, and any number of other sports.

It’s made from a breathable material and feels really comfortable to wear. For anyone suffering from elbow pain of any kind, it is a huge benefit to own the Elbow Support Complete Solution.

How Do You Cause Tennis Elbow?

Repetitive Motions

When you hear the phrase “tennis elbow,” you may assume it happens due to a sports injury of some sort. This can be the case, but the vast majority of people suffering from this condition have never played tennis in their lives.

The most basic cause of a tennis elbow injury is repetitive motions.

How Do You Cause Tennis ElbowIn our everyday lives, we all perform mundane tasks where we do the same things over and over.  

Many of us have jobs where we type all day or use tools. Anything where you are moving your hand and arm repeatedly can cause a tennis elbow injury.

You could be stocking shelves at the local grocery store or perhaps you work as a barber using scissors to cut and style hair all day. All of these tasks can cause a tennis elbow injury.

Everything from work tasks to recreational pursuits can lead to this problem. Gardening at home, writing in your journal, and even painting are known causes. Sports can commonly cause these types of injuries as well. Swinging a tennis racquet or a golf club are especially notorious offenders.

The injury itself is caused by overuse of your muscles in that area of your arm.

When you work that muscle too much it will begin to cause tears to form. These tears will bring about painful inflammation, and it will continue to form around the injury while it heals. This severely hinders your ability to work with the hurt arm.

Tennis elbow can keep you from being able to work properly or play sports. It can be very frustrating, and waiting for it to heal is often a test of patience.

Thankfully, there are methods to speed the process along and ways to help strengthen your elbow to protect it from re-injury.

How Can I Ease the Pain of Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow has become such a prevalent problem in modern society.

Millions of people are consulting their doctors every year to report symptoms of tennis elbow pain. It can be a very inconvenient injury, and for many it prevents them from working at their normal pace. It can also keep you from enjoying the things you love, such as sports or other physical fitness activities.

If you’re one of the millions suffering from tennis elbow then you know how difficult it can be to manage the pain. There are varying degrees of severity when it comes to tennis elbow injuries.

Some are more mild and present themselves as a moderate discomfort.

Other tennis elbow injuries can cause excruciating pain, and keeps the injured arm from being able to be used properly.

You aren’t alone in your fight to ease the pain of tennis elbow.

Thankfully there are many methods to help you soothe the affected area, making the road to recovery much more bearable.


We have compiled the best ways you can alleviate tennis elbow pain below. Please look over the information and pick the best options that will work for your pain.


How Can I Ease the Pain of Tennis Elbow It may seem obvious, but with the hectic pace of today’s society, many don’t allow the proper time to rest their injured arm.

Tennis elbow injuries are caused because of repetitive motions being performed. It wears down your arm over time and can cause small tears in your muscle tissue.

If you jump right back into performing those tasks that injured you in the first place, you’re going to aggravate your injury.

It can be frustrating to have to be forced to rest when you have so much to do.

Whether you are itching to get back to work, or simply want to be able to enjoy the hobbies you love, patience will be required. Don’t get frustrated with your body. Be positive about the healing process and take the rest as an opportunity to do other things.

Pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read. Treat yourself by binge watching one of your favorite programs on TV.

Just do something that makes you happy, because it will help to keep the nagging pain of tennis elbow off of your mind.


Icing your tennis elbow injury will help to numb your pain significantly. If your case of tennis elbow is particularly bad, it is possible that applying ice to the injured area could cause some initial pain.

How Can I Ease the Pain of Tennis ElbowJust be careful with how much pressure you are using when applying your cold compress or ice pack.

You don’t want to use the ice for too long. Icing for 15 minutes every three or four hours should be sufficient. It will help to keep the swelling from getting out of control while allowing you relief from the most severe pain.


Your doctor may prescribe you some anti-inflammatory medication when you have a case of tennis elbow. NSAIDS such as ibuprofen can help to reduce swelling and provide pain relief.

You should make sure not to use more of these pills than instructed. Too much ibuprofen can be bad for your body, but when taken in moderation it is a powerful tool to combat tennis elbow pain.

How Can I Ease the Pain of Tennis ElbowOf course these medicines can also be purchased over the counter. Getting a prescription from your doctor will allow you access to a higher dosage, which could be slightly more effective at easing the pain and swelling.

For most tennis elbow injuries, over the counter NSAIDS will also be helpful. Remember to consult your family physician before using any new medication.

Elbow Braces and Compression Sleeves

The most useful products you can purchase to ease tennis elbow pain are elbow braces and compression sleeves.

When dealing with a tennis elbow injury, you need good support to be able to get back to performing activities. Both compression sleeves and elbow braces can help you with this.

WIMI Sports & Fitness has many great products that are targeted to help relieve tennis elbow pain specifically.

The WIMI Sports & Fitness Elbow Support Complete Solution is one of the most popular products on the market. It offers a unique approach to nullifying tennis elbow pain.

best tennis elbow braceThe 2-in-1 solution is to use both a copper-infused compression sleeve and a tennis elbow brace in tandem.

When used together it can provide unparalleled support for your elbow while still being comfortable to wear.

Wearing a brace will help your elbow to feel less burdened while you’re suffering from tennis elbow.

The compression sleeve is excellent for once you feel confident enough to start doing physical activity again. It can help you stay strong, providing support just where you need it, and it doesn’t limit your mobility.

If you follow the advice listed above, you are sure to help ease your tennis elbow pain significantly. The pain of tennis elbow can be horrible, but when you know how to best take care of the situation it becomes manageable. Whether your pain is very severe or only moderate, taking the aforementioned steps will improve your situation.

Remember to consult your doctor about your tennis elbow injury. They can prescribe you NSAIDs if they deem it necessary. Remember to rest your injury properly and use ice to reduce inflammation. Consider investing in one of the elbow braces or compression sleeves from WIMI Sports & Fitness.

With all of these tools and methods available to you, you’ll be back to feeling fine. The best route to eliminating tennis elbow pain is to stay positive and stick to tried and true methods. Before you know it you will be back to doing the things you love.

How Long Does it Take to Recover From Tennis Elbow?

Typical Recovery Times

The true answer is that it varies from case to case.

There have been a number of studies on tennis elbow, and all of them note that it can take a long time for the injury to fully heal. In most cases, a tennis elbow injury will take between six months and a year to heal. You may start feeling better as the months go on, but during this time you will be very prone to aggravating the injury.

Many cases of tennis elbow carry on well over a year. There are recorded instances of tennis elbow plaguing patients for two years or longer. These are extreme examples, but are not incredibly rare.

The nature of a tennis elbow injury makes it very easy to re-injure yourself after you have begun to heal. Simply returning to normal activity could be enough to further harm you.

The injury itself is a small tear in your muscle. Repetitive motions wear down your muscle tissue over time and will cause these little tears. This could happen due to any repetitious motion you do at work, such as shoveling, working at a computer, moving parts on an assembly line, stocking shelves, and much more. It can also happen as a sports injury from playing tennis or from home activities like gardening.

Tennis elbow isn’t normally a severe injury, but some cases can be much worse than others. If you are lucky, you could start feeling relief from your tennis elbow within a few months of following your doctor’s treatment plan.

Always Get a Professional Opinion

How Long Does it Take to Recover From Tennis Elbow Self diagnosing tennis elbow can be done but you should be sure to go see your family physician if you believe you have a tennis elbow injury.

It’s true that the symptoms can be managed at home with over the counter treatments in most cases.

Even still, a medical professional will be able to determine the severity of the injury.

If you have an injury that is worse than a typical case, you will need extra treatments. Physical therapy will be recommended by your doctor to try to strengthen the muscles that surround the site of the injury.

Physical therapy techniques to treat tennis elbow include massage therapy, stretching exercises, and eventually using very light weights.

There are rare cases where surgery is required to fix the problem. If this is the case, your doctor will go over the options you have. Surgery can fix your underlying issues, repairing muscle tissue and allowing you to heal properly.

If your injury is troublesome enough to need surgery, recovery timetables will need to be provided by your surgeon.


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Wrapping Up

There are rare cases where traditional treatments fail to help tennis elbow. In all likelihood rest, medication, and the intelligent use of braces and compression sleeves will get you feeling back to normal as soon as possible. If these methods have failed you, it will be time for your doctor to step in with a more progressive treatment plan.

Physical therapy is an option for stubborn tennis elbow injuries. The therapy is designed to strengthen your muscles while increasing the flexibility in your arm. These have proven to be very useful for many patients. Exercises range from simple stretching to light weightlifting techniques. Massages are also used to increase blood flow to impacted areas.

If physical therapy hasn’t yielded great results, then surgery will be considered. This is a last resort option and is very unlikely. The surgery is somewhat invasive but is a good way to correct the problem and repair the tears in your muscle tissue. You shouldn’t need this, and will most likely fall in the camp who can use the common treatments to get back to normalcy.