Discover Fem Fusion Fitness Classes on Youtube

fem fusion fitness class

There are many fitness focused YouTube channels around today.

Sometimes we come across a really special channel that is doing great work and seems to go above and beyond in helping their followers to make big fitness changes in their lives.

Fem Fusion Fitness Classes on YouTube

Fem Fusion Fitness is one such inspiring YouTube channel that is helping women from all walks of life.

Whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds or trying to get into great shape, this channel has a plethora of videos that will be Fem Fusion Fitness Classes on YouTubeof use to you. Dr. Bri, the founder of Fem Fusion Fitness, will take you through many great workouts.

There are a variety of different routines that focus on different areas of the body and specific needs. From yoga videos to full on cardio workouts, Dr. Bri has you covered.

One of the most unique aspects of this channel in particular is that they are very aware of the different medical issues and troubles that women face in their lives. Because of this awareness a lot of the workouts are designed to account for different conditions such as dealing with a pelvic prolapse.

There is also a fun and informative series of videos called “Q&A with Dr. Bri, PT.” In this series she answers all sorts of fitness and health questions. She always has a fun tone in all of her videos and comes across as very endearing as she informs and educates about different issues. There are a lot of great holistic health tips in this series too. From using essential oils to what you should be eating when focusing on your core, Dr. Bri has many great tips to share with you.

Special 18-Day Core Toning Program

Fem Fusion Fitness Classes on YouTube

Starting on June 30th, Fem Fusion Fitness is going to be running a very special program on their channel. It is an 18 day long core toning program.

Now, it is no secret that the core is one of the most important areas to focus on when it comes to fitness. It is a trouble area for so many of us and we have to work diligently to keep it tight and strong. This is a wonderful opportunity to really focus and see some good results in getting your core fitness to where you want it to be.

The great thing about this holistic core toning program is that it is designed to be perfectly safe for those with prolapse or diastasis recti problems. You can go into these workouts without worrying about whether you will be able to perform them properly.

All of the content on the Fem Fusion Fitness channel has been so high quality that this special 18-day program comes highly recommended. It is sure to be an informative set of workouts that will give your core the attention it needs. This series is going to run through July 18th. This is of course totally free so check it out if you want to make strides in getting a sexy and toned core.