Exercising While Suffering From Tennis Elbow

WIMI Exercising While Suffering From Tennis Elbow

Suffering from a condition like tennis elbow is very frustrating for many. If you have a tennis elbow injury and are a particularly active person, it can be all the more maddening. It can prevent you from being able to do the activities you love such as playing sports and exercising as usual. Waiting for your injury to heal up takes a lot of patience, and it is certainly a mental struggle as much as a physical one.

Tennis elbow can really debilitate you to the point where using your arm becomes very difficult. Some cases of tennis elbow are worse than others, but it isn’t a good idea to overdo certain activities when you’re injured. If you injured your arm from swinging your tennis racquet, it wouldn’t be a good idea to quickly return to playing. Causing further injury to yourself would only set you back on your timetable to a full recovery.

Resting your arm is incredibly important. You should rest the injured arm and avoid doing any sort of activities involving it for the first week after suffering your injury. Sometimes it can be ideal to rest your arm for longer than this, but everyone heals at a different rate. Rushing back into upper body activity is only going to prolong your injury and cause you further pain.

Focus on Lower Body and Cardio

You may not be able to use your arm as well as you’re used to, but you can still get plenty of lower body exercising time in. Focusing on your cardio routines and lower body strengthening can be a good way to cope with your condition. It gives you something positive to focus on and you will feel happy and proud to see the results of that training.

Going out for a light jog in the morning works wonders for clearing your head. It’s normal to feel frustrated at the pain of tennis elbow, and the inconveniences it poses on your everyday life factor in too. Keep your mind and body healthy by focusing on the positives and improving other parts of your body during recovery.

Ease Back Into Exercising Your Arms

If you have healed up a bit and feel confident that your arm can withstand some light exercise, exercising can actually be a good thing for your tennis elbow. Certain stretches and motions are used in rehab for tennis elbow. You don’t want your arm to get too stiff, so it can be very helpful to return to light activity once you’re ready.

It is really important to use caution when returning to activity though, because your elbow will be in a fragile state. Putting too much strain on it could cause you significant pain and negate any positives from your exercising. Knowing when to start exercising your upper body again is important. Attempting it too soon will only cause setbacks.

Using a good elbow brace and compression sleeve is highly recommended when returning to your exercise routine. WIMI’s AERIS MAX Elbow Support Complete Solution is an excellent option that includes both an elbow brace and copper-infused compression sleeve in one convenient package. This works especially well because you can wear the brace and sleeve together for maximum support, but they also work great separately.

The added support wearing a brace or compression sleeve will give to your arm will be very useful. It should allow you to feel confident working your way through some light exercises. It’s still important to know your limits, but you’ll be much safer going into the workouts with these useful tools at your disposal. You also need to understand that certain exercises are just out of the question while you’re still recovering from tennis elbow as well.

WIMI Exercising While Suffering From Tennis Elbow

Avoid These Exercises!

You should completely avoid using dumbells while you’re still injured. You run a great risk of re-injuring yourself when going through the motions with typical dumbell exercises. Once you are completely healed, using dumbells will be beneficial to you. It can increase your range of motion in your arm, but while your arm is in a weakened state this runs too great a risk of backfiring.

Heavy weights should also be completely avoided. It can be tempting to want to get back into lifting the same amount of weight you did before your injury, but you shouldn’t push yourself. Instead you should try to use lower amounts of weight but do more repetitions. It will still give you a good workout and is definitely safer for your elbow.

Exercises where you fully extend your elbow can be dangerous to perform as well. Bench press is a good example. It can be possible to do this with low amounts of weight and careful technique, but it would be safest to avoid it entirely. You could easily hurt your elbow while you’re pressing the weight upwards.

Try not to focus on training your major muscle groups while you’re hurt. It would be better to focus on exercises that are low impact and strengthen your support group muscles. Training your shoulders can be beneficial for instance. You really have to baby yourself when it comes to upper body training.

If any exercise you’re attempting hurts you at all, you should stop doing it. Pain is a sign that you aren’t ready to be performing these tasks yet. Listen to your body and be sure to ice your elbow. Never workout without your elbow brace and compression sleeve either, as the added support they provide is going to be incredibly important when you’re in this weakened state.


You can work out while you have tennis elbow, but you need to be very careful. Try your best to completely rest your arm for the first week at a minimum. Avoid most upper body exercises and focus on cardio or lower body exercises. This will help you to stay in shape while you’re recovering and give your mind something positive to focus on.

Buy a good elbow brace and compression sleeve as soon as possible. It can help with pain and will also be invaluable in protecting your arm once you return to upper body exercises. Avoid troublesome exercises that put your elbow at risk and ease yourself back into a light workout routine. Eventually, you’ll be better and back to your old self. Just follow the advice above and use your best judgment.