[Guest Post] How to Buy Comfortable Shoes for Work

best comfortable shoes for work

In case you are a shoe hoarder, you may have already experienced the dilemma of picking the right shoes, especially when looking for comfortable work shoes for standing all day. The trouble with most people is that they choose shoes impulsively and normally go with the latest trend in fashion. Comfort is the least considered factor most of the time that is the reason why some women end up having sore feet after a day of wearing stilettos with 6 inch heels. Although these shoes are classy, they are not comfortable to wear for one whole day.

Although the shoes you are eyeing are expensive, they may not be the best work shoes. Though they are expensive they may not be good news for your feet. When looking for work shoes, make sure that you look for something versatile with a great design and one that will match your work attire. Since you will be walking and running on those pair of shoes, you have to make sure that they are very comfortable to wear and that you will not have a hard time moving around while wearing them

Shoes For Work: Top 4 Picks For Comfort And Style

The types of shoes for work have evolved along with changes not only in style and fashion, but also in the type of workplaces and the demands the modern working woman faces. In the past I’ve heard a lot of women complain about how their feet are already killing them by lunchtime, as they sacrificed comfort for style and conformity. But times have changed and now women are refusing to compromise comfort for style. Here are the top four picks which combine comfort with style. See which one is best for you.

The Heeled Pumps: Classic Shoes For Work

When it comes to office shoes for women, the first one that comes to mind is the classic heeled pumps. As classic as they are, however, not all heeled pumps are the same. Make sure you pick the best one out of the bunch by keeping a few pointers in mind.

Check to see that the pump’s heel would directly be underneath the center of your foot’s heel when you wear it. Balance problems could result if a pump’s heel is angled too forward or too much toward the back of the shoe. Second, consider the shoe’s toe area—avoid pointy-toe ones that squish your feet, and instead opt for those with wider toe boxes that allow wiggle room for your toes.

best comfortable shoes for work

Also try pressing a finger into a shoe’s ball area—a slightly padded feel or a little give are signs of good cushioning.

Finally, choose shoes made of natural materials such as leather and suede over synthetic ones, since natural materials would allow your feet to breathe better.

best comfortable shoes for work

The Wedges: Height Plus Comfort

Need to add height but can’t stand the heeled pumps? Wedge shoes are the answer to your woes. Wedge shoes allow you to have more height while keeping the pressure on your feet to a minimum. They are so designed such that they slope more gently from the heel to the toe, which means you wouldn’t have to walk like you’re on tiptoes even though you are afforded such heel height. It’s comfortable to use because the full sole of your shoe is still kept on the ground, distributing your weight and the pressure more evenly. Go for a pair of patent leather black wedge shoe with a chic and stylish business suit, and you’ll never go wrong.

The Kitten Heels: Best Of Both Worlds

If you’re not into tottering 4-inch heels or wedges in the office but still adore the sophisticated stiletto’s heel shape, opt for kitten heels instead. Kitten heels are shaped like stilettos, but are typically less than two inches. It marries the shapeliness of stiletto heels with the comfort of lower-heeled shoes, giving you the best of both worlds.

best comfortable shoes

The Flats: Comfy Shoes For Work

Simple and comfortable yet never out-of-style, flats can be your feet’s best friend even in the office, as long as you keep your clothing professional, streamlined and pristine. Get them in the softest leather you can find, and opt for ones with leather or rubber soles to offer you maximum shock absorption. As with the other shoes, pick designs that are round-toe so your feet’s natural shape is not compromised.

comfortable shoes for work

Ultimately, no one type of shoe will fit everyone. Choose the best pair considering your own preferences and needs, as only you can say which type of shoes for work will work best for you.

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