Do Cheap Waist Trainers Work?

cheap waist trainers that work

Waist trainers are popular nowadays especially among women. It’s largely thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba who rave about it on social media. It’s an easy, painless way to get the hourglass body shape that a lot of  women want to have.

However, if  you run a search using the words top waist trainer on search engines, you’ll find that most waist shaping garment that celebrities use are incredibly expensive. And let’s be honest, not everyone of us can nonchalantly pay a couple hundred of dollars for waist trainers.

Fortunately,  not all hope is lost for  women looking to waist train but at a cheaper cost. In truth, there are cheap waist trainers that work well on the body. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of finding the right product and having the right standards.

So what makes a good (and affordable) waist trainer?


adjustable waist trainerIn your waist training journey, you will start with using your waist trainer everyday seeing it in a slightly puffy form. But as days and weeks go on, you’ll notice that it will get smaller as your waist gets trimmed down. Eventually, you might find yourself needing a new waist trainer.

It is therefore advised for people who are looking to waist train to purchase a waist trainer that’s adjustable and can deliver the same kind of compression even after months or years of use.

Choose one that’s made with neoprene. It’s a type of PC rubber that’s durable enough to allow you to move around but firm enough to deliver proper compression.

Correct size

Do not skip the sizing chart before you hit the ‘proceed to checkout’ button. Some people may not adhere to it or think of it unimportant. But following sizing charts will allow you to get the perfect size for your body, that is, that you don’t wear a waist trainer that’s too tight or a little too roomy  to actually do its job.

adjustable waist trainerMeasure your waist, chest and hips and choose the right size for your figure. Don’t attempt to choose a size smaller or bigger than recommended. Even the best trainer vest that’s a little too tight will not give you the results you’re going to get. If your newly arrived waist trainer is curving or rolls, especially around the hips, contact customer service and see if you can ask for a different size.

Durability even used during workouts

Durability is a controversial matter especially in waist training. A lot of users who claim that they picked the top waist trainer say that theirs’ still got ripped especially after months of using it during workout. When it comes to this issue of durability, there are two things that need to be considered. First, the materials used  for making the waist trainer. Second, the type of workout that you do.

Is your waist trainer made of cotton or other materials  that are easy to rip? Do you wear a corset with steel bones? These type of waist shapers are best used during low intensity workouts that do not involve intense bending or stretching especially in the torso.

However, it is worth noting that there exist cheap waist trainers that could work for you even while you workout, provided that you double check their materials and that they’re used well during the right workout routine.


Word-of-mouth can be a very powerful thing, especially in choosing the products for health and fitness. Before making a purchase, take your time to scroll down the page and see what type of feedback the waist trainer has garnered from other purchasers.

While people generally have mixed opinions about a lot of things, you’ll know which products you can trust when you see it, especially when you’re shopping online. You’ll know that the product claiming to be the best trainer vest, because you’ll see authentic reviews from real users who can attest to its effectiveness.

Are there good and cheap waist trainers?

cheap waist trainerYes, there are cheap waist trainers that work well. There are good waist training garments that can deliver good results. Sometimes, it’s really just about knowing what to look for in a product, and assessing which brands to trust.

Once your waist training garment is with you, it then boils down to proper use. Remember that waist training will be most effective when you properly use your garment. Clean, use and store it well. After all, it’s far easier to make things last longer than its predetermined lifespan when it’s being properly taken care of.

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