Dos And Don’ts Of Working Out While Waist Training

One of the best things about waist training is that it allows you to go about your usual routine, while working on trimming your waist at the same time. It’s true that waist training is easy especially  if your day is mostly comprised of sitting down at the office.

But how about when you’re about to hit the gym? Is waist training safe for the gym? What’s the best waist trainer for working out?  The answer is simple. Yes, you can use a waist trainer when you’re working out. In fact, working out while waist shaping is actually highly recommended especially for persons who are looking to see fast results in the healthiest way possible.

However, before you take the plunge, it’s important to learn the (and follow) the Dos and Don’ts when waist shaping when working out. Here are some of them:


Wear comfortable clothing under waist trainer

Sweat and working out comes hand in hand — it’s an sign that you’re making progress. However, if you’re planning to wear your waist trainer while working out, it’s best to wear them over a comfortable top.

It prevents bacteria  and sweat from combining, and forming bumps and pimples your skin, while you work out. Washing your waist trainer would also be a good idea especially if you use it for long hours (work out time included).

Excellent for maintaining posture while working out

Having proper posture is essential especially if you’re doing yoga or lifting weights. It’s essentially the best way to let muscles contract in the right places, and prevent sprains or other injury. Wearing the best workout waist trainer will help you keep your back straight, allowing you to maintain proper posture and breathing during your work out session.

Keep your waist trainer compression firm, but not to the point of breathlessness

When you find the best waist trainer for working out and you stay committed to using it, you can reap many different benefits, fast. But remember that great results only happen with proper use of the garment.  

Make sure to always balance comfort and compression when using your waist trainer. You should be able to breathe properly even when using the garment for working out. If you find that your waist trainer is too tight to the point that you cannot breathe properly, consider loosening it up or picking a larger size.


Continue waist trainer use even when it causes pain or discomfort

Whether you’re using the garment because you think it’s the best shapewear for your muffin top, or simply because you’ve seen the Kardashians wear them, do not hesitate to take off your waist trainer when it starts to get painful.

It could be an indication that your waist trainer is too tight or you have been wearing it for too long. As soon pain or discomfort hits, take your cincher/corset/trainer off. Knowing when to call it a day for your waist trainer is just as important as knowing when to put it on.

Do not use when doing high intensity workouts

Avoid using waist trainers when doing high intensity workouts like running or doing jumping jacks or burpees. These exercises are challenging enough for your lungs and extra compression from your waist trainer might not be needed anymore.

Do not use when doing crunches or bending

Even when you think that you have the best work out waist trainer there is, avoid using the garment when doing exercises that involve bending or crunching. It can constrict air flow and significantly damage your waist trainer.

Is it possible to enjoy working out and waist training?

You can enjoy living an active lifestyle even when waist training. And by “active lifestyle”, I mean working out is included. Just like when you first started waist training, working out with the garment may take a little getting used to at first.

But when you know that you’re using the best waist trainer for working out, and you’re not pushing your body or your shape wear beyond its limit, you should be able to successfully get its benefits. As usual, hydration and proper diet are still just as important too.

If you waist train and work out properly and consistently, you’re more likely to see good results faster. Lastly, remember to enjoy. Have fun in your workout as you normally would, because that’s the best way for you to not only look good, but also feel good about yourself. You’ll feel energized, confident and ready to take on the challenges of the day ahead.