Your Guide to the Best Skating Shoes You Can Buy

best skating shoes you can buy

Whether you are an avid fan of skateboarding or not, you probably think skateboard shoes are cool. The way skateboard shoes are made lend them towards being very popular for those who want a comfortable shoe for everyday use that still looks really fashionable.

Of course there are many different types of skateboard shoes out there. You may be wondering what the best skating shoes on the market are right now.

There really are a ton of excellent shoes out there that you can pick from. For those having trouble deciding, I have done some research and compiled a list of the best skate shoes below. Take a look at the top picks and you should be able to find the perfect skateboard shoe for you.

1- DC Men’s Pure Action Sport Sneaker

DC is definitely one of the most iconic names on the market when it comes to skateboard shoes. If you’re looking for cheap skateboard shoes, these might not be a good option for you.

The price is somewhere in the middle range which is to be expected with such a popular brand. These shoes are worth the price though. They’re made very comfortably and look very nice. They offer a good bit of support and keep your feet feeling pretty good even after long sessions of skating of walking. Where these shoes shine the most is in the fashion department.

There are so many different coloring options to choose from. You can go flashy with a color scheme like black pinstripe or black/chili pepper, or stick with a solid color. Very versatile and undoubtedly one of the best skate shoes ever.

2- Nike Men’s SB Clutch Skate Shoe

You just can’t have a list of the best shoes without including Nike somewhere. Even in the skateboard shoes market, Nike is a brand name that people love.

Their SB Clutch Skate Shoe is an excellent choice for fans of that signature Nike look that are wanting their take on the skateboard shoe. Great shoes for going out on the town casually or for daily activities.

These are some of the best longboarding shoes as well because they are very comfortable. In terms of fashion they are more low key than the DC brand offering more muted color options for a more subtle look.

An intermediate price point means they aren’t the best cheap skate shoe, but they do make a case for being the best longboard shoes overall.

3- Osiris Men’s NYC 83 Vulcanized Skate Shoe

If a flashier, louder skateboard shoe is more your style then you need to check out the Osiris brand. These shoes are really cool looking with a ton of different styles to choose from. Many of the styles have some sort of graphic print design.

Options for this include 100 dollar bills and skeletons for example. There are also many color combinations to choose from for a more traditional look, but still one that pops and stands out.

Many consider these shoes to be the best shoes for skateboarding. Perhaps a little more about the flash than comfort, but undeniably appealing.

4- Etnies Men’s Jameson 2 Eco Skateboard Shoe

Etnies is another one of the top brands that comes to mind when thinking of skateboard shoes.

Without a doubt some of the best skating shoes you can get. They are very comfortable shoes that are excellent for longboarding, skateboarding, and just walking around town.

They have many different colors to choose from and some specialty patterns such as camouflage. You won’t be disappointed to get yourself a pair of some of the best longboard shoes around.

A lot of Etnies fans wear these shoes everyday and and love the comfort they provide.

5- Vans “Old Skool Pro” Sneakers

The Vans “Old Skool Pro” series of sneakers is visually appealing and doesn’t sacrifice comfort.

A good shoe that supports your foot without feeling too tight for long skateboard sessions. These particular shoes come in a sweet looking khaki/white suede.

You can get similar vans with other colors but these suede Vans are very popular and for good reason. It represents that timeless Vans look very well with the waffle style outsole.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of Vans when you want a skateboard shoe. Vans have always been some of the best shoes for skateboarding and they also are a hit with fans looking for the most comfortable skate shoe.


Best Skating ShoesAll of the shoes above are fantastic skateboard shoes. You’re choosing from the very best skating shoes.

For the most part all of the shoes on the list hit that intermediate price range, so they won’t break the bank. Some of the specialized color designs wind up costing more than a standard pattern with shoes like the Osiris.

Regardless of what you’re looking for in a skate shoe, you should be able to find one to fit your personal sense of style from the list above.

All of the best brands are represented. It just comes down to a matter of which one calls out to you.

Whatever you choose you will be getting a comfortable skateboard shoe that you’ll be able to enjoy and show off for a long time.

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