Your Guide to Finding the Best Shoe Brands for Flat Feet  

Flat feet. Fallen arches. Overpronators. Whatever you call them, they’re no fun: when your feet aren’t shaped right, your whole body suffers. Even walking with flat feet can mess up your entire posture, leading to painful knee, hip, and ankle problems.

The only solution is support, and the best support can be found in the best shoe brands for flat feet. These makers of footwear design specifically for people like you: people whose arches just aren’t where they should be.

While plenty of joggers and shoe retailers can recommend the best shoe brands, flat feet require special attention. That’s why we’ve compiled the ultimate list of the best shoe brands for flat feet. Now, using this handy resource as a guide, you’ll be able to correct your arches and walk free of pain again.

1- Mizuno

As we mentioned earlier, the best shoe brands flat feet benefi from are often just the best shoes. Mizuno is known far and wide as an athletic shoe fit for the most elite of sportspeople. But when it comes to fallen arches, it really shines. Its flagship model, the Mizuno Wave Creation 19, is famous for outstanding arch support and truly remarkable performance capability all around.

But arch support isn’t all that a good shoe needs. Mizunos also offer smooth heel to toe transition, which is critical for preventing feet with fallen arches from developing problems like plantar fasciitis. They’re light, breathable, and wonderfully versatile. Their only downside is that they tend to run on the expensive side. But, as many happy Mizuno customers will tell you, it’s worth it!

2- Brooks

The world famous Addiction 12 from Brooks is definitely a great example of a high-performance shoe from what might be the best brand of running shoes for flat feet. They feature nice, high arches situated toward the heel of the shoe itself. Better yet,they support your ankles, meaning that if you have that perfect storm of foot problems, fallen arches and weak ankles, this is probably the brand you’ve been looking for.

Brooks may also be the best brand of shoes for kids with flat feet. Older kids and Middle Schoolers will easily fit into small adult sizes, and the brand makes their versatile sneakers so well that they’ll even stand up to the wear and tear of a playground or gym.

3- Saucony

This brand likes to play up the amount of cushioning it uses in the soles of its famously comfortable shoes. We say, cushion away! Comfortable shoes can reduce the likelihood of foot problems, and if you have fallen arches anyway, then you may already be uncomfortable when you walk. Sauconys are also known to be a little more lightweight than some other sporty shoes.

The Hurricane ISO 5 is nominally a running shoe. In fact, Saucony is considered by some to be a contender for the place of best brand of running shoes for flat feet. However, there’s no harm in wearing this model as a typical sneaker. It’s a little expensive, but your feet will thank you.

4- Asics

This is one brand that’s famous for its excellent arch support. Asics will never let you down, neither as a running shoe nor as a shoe for flat feet. They stand up to wear very well, often lasting long beyond their expected life with light wear.

The Asics J33 Running Shoe is probably its best product for overpronators who run, but several Asics models work nicely for fallen arches and flat feet. And, of course, Asics just look snazzy.

With wacky colors and patterns, you’ll certainly stand out at the office if you wear these to work. Try using them primarily for exercise. You’ll turn every head at the gym, and your feet will feel great the whole time.

5- Vionic

Even in the best brand, shoes for flat feet that are also appropriate for a variety of occasions can be hard to find. Not so for Vionic. No matter what you’re looking for, this brand probably has it available. While the other brands we’ve covered have focused on athletic shoes and runners, Vionic has a broad selection available, from sneakers to sandals.

As you might be able to guess from the name of their Orthaheel lineup, they specifically and specially design orthopedic shoes. Your friends will never know, though. Most of Vionic’s lines look and feel designer.

The Orthaheel Walker is perennially the most popular shoe for people with foot problems. For one thing, it supports the natural and healthy shape of the bottom of your foot. That includes, not only your arches, but the shape of your heel and the sides of your foot, too.


Each of these brands represents the best in modern shoe design, and most could simply rank among the best shoe brands, flat feet notwithstanding. But your feet are special and have special needs. The best brand of shoes for flat feet realizes this and caters to what you need.

Why not take the chance to update your shoe rack? It can only help your feet in the long run, and you deserve happy feet.

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