The 5 Best Running Shoes for Wide Flat Feet With Reviews

You enjoy running. You’re dedicated to the sport, you’re committed to being the best runner you can possibly be, and you’re not going to let flat feet stop you from enjoying what you do.

You can use inserts, do special exercises, and basically be a great runner despite your flat feet. That’s all fine. But what do you do when your fallen arches are compounded by your wide feet?

Here's the deal:

Best Running Shoes for Wide Flat Feet

Having wide feet isn’t really a medical problem in itself. Where fallen arches can cause you pain or increase your risk of developing other problems, wide feet are really just annoying. Basically, you’ll have to deal with the fact that it’s hard to fit your broader-than-average feet into average-sized shoes. When you need shoes that deliver particularly fantastic arch support, the problem becomes downright frustrating.

Luckily, we’ve combed the Internet and discovered the best running shoes for wide, flat feet. These shoes will fit you comfortably while also offering the excelsior support you need for your arches.

1- Asics Gel Kayano 22

The Kayano is rightly famous, not just as one of the best sneakers for wide, flat feet, but as one of the all-around best sneakers in the world. Many Asics have the famous Gel system built into the heel, and as you can see in the name of this shoe, the Kayano is no exception. When it comes to shock absorption, it’s hard to beat an Asic, and the Kayano is one of the brand’s most popular models.

The wide sole of this shoe, even in wider sizes, does wonders for stability, which is more important to problems relating to overpronation than you’d think. For one thing, it helps your foot come down in the same way every time you step, which prevents your foot from sliding off the arch supports inside the shoe, which prevents your foot from going flat when it hits the ground.

2- Asics GT-2000 4

Another Asics?

That’s right: this brand easily makes the top two spots on our list. It’s hard to list what’s great about Asics: there’s really too much to cover in full. It’s just a great brand, period. This particular model comes in extra-wide options, and, being an Asics shoe, it’s especially good for arch support. If you’re looking for the best shoes for flat, wide feet, the GT-2000 is a great pick.

The GT-2000 is known for its sturdiness. It’s also a very stable shoe that might be especially comforting for runners who want to feel like their foot is safe within a piece of footwear.

All that structure makes the shoe a little heavy, but for many runners, it’s worth it to feel a strong, shock-absorbing sole between themselves and the asphalt.

3- Mizuno Wave Inspire 12

The Inspire is aptly named. With a pair of these on your feet, you’ll barely notice the ground beneath you. They’re insanely light and easy to fly down the road in. Despite this, they’re great for rearfoot stability, and you’ll find that your pronation woes fly away as quickly as you fly around the track.

The only real problem with these shoes is that they tend to be pricy. As runners, we’re all used to sticker shock, especially when we’re looking for the best running shoes for flat, wide feet. However, if you’re serious about the Inspire in particular, it may be advisable to wait for a sale.

4- Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19

The progressive diagonal rollbar is an important component of this motion-control shoe, but the fact that every size comes in wide versions is equally significant.

Brooks has a tradition of excellence, so it’s no surprise that this particular company would come out with some of the best shoes for wide, flat feet. One look at their record will be enough to tell you that they know what they’re doing.

However, if their record fails to impress you, consider the technology that goes into the Adrenaline. This shoe’s shock absorption system, called a “crash pad,” connects evenly with the ground to ensure that your foot will roll nicely rather than further stressing out your already beleaguered joints. That smooth heel to toe transition also makes this model one of the best walking shoes for wide, flat feet, especially if you’re into power walking or exercise walking.

5- New Balance W940 v3

We love when the best running shoes for wide, flat feet are also light as a feather. The New Balance W940 manages to stay very light while also packing high-density foam into the arches, preventing your foot from overpronating while also avoiding placing stress on it when you lift. They’re also incredibly stable, supported by a medial post that places this particular shoe a cut above many others in its class.

In general, New Balance likes to make shoes that run wide, or at least come in wide sizes. Even the toe box on this model is deep and wide enough to fit custom orthotics, if necessary, but with the amount of support this shoe provides, that may not even be necessary.


Remember, a shoe is only good for you if it fits properly. If you’re not comfortable, your feet really could develop worse problems, including bunions in the spots that you need the most. All that discomfort can add up to you avoiding your training routine, or even quitting running. If your feet feel cramped in your shoes, it’s often not you that’s the problem, and usually not your training regimen.

Don’t settle for either wide shoes or shoes with good arches. You’re a unique runner with unique feet, and you need the whole package to make your training efforts a success. This is worth splurging on, trust us. The best running shoes for wide, flat feet will turn your running routine from an ordeal into the pleasure it ought to be.

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