The 5 Best Hiking Boots for Flat Feet with Reviews

Your heart is in the woods, but if your arches are flat on the ground, you’ll never find a way to reconcile your love of hiking and your flat feet.

Having fallen arches can increase your chances of other problems, too, including plantar fasciitis, knee issues, and even hip problems stemming from your foot landing the wrong way with every step.

Best Hiking Boots for Flat Feet

Luckily, there’s help for you. Aside from seeing a podiatrist about orthotic inserts, you can make an enormous difference in your life by buying and wearing the right pair of hiking boots. What, you may ask, are the best hiking boots for flat feet? Read on and find out.

1- KEEN Women’s Targhee II Mid WP Hiking Boot

It’s hard to praise this boot too highly. It’s just one of the best hiking shoes, for flat feet or healthy ones. In particular, the fit of the Targhee helps keep your foot in place as you journey onward, making sure that your midfoot never slides around inside the shoe and lands in a place that wouldn’t support its arches.

And, in case you were wondering, yes: the trim does come in multiple different colors. There is no rule in the books that says that hiking boots need to be dowdy and boring-looking. Like most of the best hiking boots, these ones come with waterproofing. However, keep in mind that even the best of boots could use a little treatment before hiking through streams and rivers.  

2- Asolo Stynger GTX

That’s right: this is a Gore-Tex boot as well as one of the best hiking boots for flat feet. How could it possibly be better? Well, the answer lies in the construction of the back of the shoe and the collar around the top.

Any hiking boot worth its leather will have a snug ankle, but the Stynger is known for superior support and padding. Just try turning your foot on a rock while wearing these.

In addition, the shoes are easily wearable right out of the box. Granted, you should still break them in, but you may find that you’ll suffer through fewer blisters than you might with a heavier shoe.

3- Merrell Women’s All-Out Blaze Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Not only does this shoe support your arches, but it absorbs the shock of your every step like none other. If you’re already susceptible to pronation-related repetition sports injuries, then that extra little bit of help matters a lot.

These Merrells are also very lightweight, which makes a big difference to your arches when you pick up your foot.  

In addition, the Blaze is a supple shoe that allows your foot to bend without letting it wriggle and develop blisters. It hugs the ankle and holds up great through a wide variety of conditions. When it comes to hiking shoes for flat feet, there are few on the market that are more robust.

4- Drew Shoe Women's Rochelle Hiking Boot

If you are a longtime overpronator, then you know Drew Shoe quite well. They’re legendary for their wide range of orthotic shoe designs, appropriate for work and play.

But did you know that they also make a mean hiking boot? It’s true: good hiking boots for flat feet don’t just come from outdoors companies. Drew really knows what it’s doing, and it’s designed a boot that will help, not only with your flat feet, but with a range of foot problems.

It might look a little bulky, but that’s just extra room for orthotics. The Rochelle ties down snug and absolutely does not let your foot slip around. It’s also got a waterproof membrane and a leather exterior, in case you were wondering about its trail cred.

5- Vasque Women's Breeze GTX Hiking Boots

That’s right: another Gore-Tex boot. (We just love that Gore-Tex, and who says that having flat feet means that you have to compromise on quality?) The name of the game for this shoe is comfort. You definitely won’t overheat in these, and you’ll be stunned by how good your feet feel at the end of a hike. No blister nor fallen arch will stop you from backpacking to your heart’s content.

That said, be sure and waterproof these before you take them on the trail. They’re a little lighter than some other boots, and moisture can sometimes slip through the mesh. But for good hiking boots for flat feet, a little wax on the seams is always worth it.


Take our word for it: these are the best hiking shoes for flat feet in the world. But if you’re planning to break in a new pair of these beauties, always make sure and do so responsibly. Never take a new pair of boots on a long hike without walking them for fifty miles first.

Remember, you’ve got to know if that particular shoe’s arch support really works for you. Always talk to a podiatrist before a long trip and never, ever give up. The woods are calling and you deserve to answer. Don’t let your flat feet trip you up.

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