Fun Games: Reviews of the 5 Best Foosball Table Brands

You can feel the sweat on your brow as you look across to your opponent and see the look of determination in their eyes. This last point is going to decide it all.

After all of the close calls and tough competition you’ve faced down to get to this point, you know in your heart that you’re ready.

The crowd gathers around and looks on in excitement as the ball is put into play.

Where do you think you are right now? Playing a sport in a big stadium full of amazed onlookers?

No, you’re playing a game on one of the best foosball table brands and getting into the heart of competition.

One of the best things about getting out to the sports bar with a group of good friends is being able to play many of the various games with them. Most sports bars offer a lot of different types of games to keep their customers entertained.

Whether its enjoying drinks over a nice game of darts or having a friendly competition shooting pool, it’s a great way to unwind. But foosball is the king of sports bar competitive games for many. It’s easy to pick up for anyone but hard to master. The best part of it all is that foosball has come a long way since the early days.

Foosball has been around for a long time. Sometimes referred to as table football or soccer, patents for tabletop foosball gamesbest-foosball-table-brands-2 can be found going all the way back to the 1890’s. People have been enjoying heated competitions playing this fun game for many years, but now the best foosball table brands can be enjoyed at home just as easily as out at the sports bar.

It used to be that a good table would cost quite a bit of money. But nowadays you can find so many great tables for cheap.

For under 500 dollars you can get yourself an incredible foosball set up and be hosting your own tournaments in no time.

Want to know the best part?

I have compiled a list below for the best foosball table brands on the market. None of these tables break the bank and they are all great buys for those looking to enjoy some friendly competition with their friends from home. After checking out the five different foosball tables below, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one to place in your home.

Quick Look: Best Foosball Tables

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1- Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table

The Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table is one of the most popular options for home foosball tables on the market today. Its earned its reputation as perhaps the best foosball table for the money.

The table itself looks very professional. It has a nice wood finish on the table itself and the black veneer on the legs looks good.

The legs are sturdy which is important for a table that you’re going to be actively playing on with friends for long sessions. This is a foosball table that can stand up to the rigors of play while not being too expensive. It’s definitely a candidate for best foosball table under $500.

2- Best Choice Products 48″ Foosball Table Competition Sized

The Best Choice Products brand offers high quality tables for the price. This is the most affordable foosball table on the list and it performs very well despite not costing much money at all.

The table itself is constructed in a very sturdy fashion. They have used medium density fiberboard as well as chrome finished steel rods to ensure that the table remains sturdy and stable during play. This is of the utmost importance when trying to enjoy a serious game.

Another fun feature of this table is that there is a cup holder at each end. This way you can always have your favorite beverage nearby for when you need to hydrate.

The look of the table is very good, especially considering its affordability. It’s made out of fiberboard and the table itself has an eye-catching wood veneer look. It looks like a foosball table that would cost considerably more money. Because of this it would look great in any game room. This is one of the top rated foosball tables for a reason. It might be the best option for someone looking to buy their first foosball table for their home.

3- Eastpoint Sports 60-Inch Liverpool Foosball Table

Eastpoint, one of the best foosball table brands, makes an excellent 60-inch competition sized table. This table stands out from the competition in a few ways.

The first notable thing about this table is the size. It is a large competition sized table and because of this you can easily accommodate up to four players on this model. This is great because some prefer to play two on two games of foosball rather than the traditional one on one variant.

The table is constructed to be very rugged and sturdy as you should expect. This is meant to play competitive foosball on, so it’s designed to be able to stand up to the rigors of plenty of play time.

The handles, or player rods, are constructed with great precision as well. They spin very easily allowing for the action to stay fast-paced and making sure you have the control to make that complicated shot.

Overall this foosball table looks very professional. It has a gorgeous dark wood stained look and a metallic trim around the handles that really pops. If you were picking a table just based on whether it would look good in your game room, this table from Eastpoint would certainly fit the bill. It doesn’t just look appealing though, it has some other really neat features that help make it one of the top rated foosball tables.

It has a traditional beaded scoring system at each end of the table. This will help you keep track of what’s gone down in the game thus far without interrupting the action. This gorgeous table is built to last so it should be on your list for consideration most certainly. It has some of the best foosball tables reviews for good reason.

4- American Legend Charger Foosball Table

American Legend has made a very nice foosball table that is quite affordable. This foosball table has reviewed well with customers because of having a lower price point while still maintaining a good sense of quality.

The table itself is built well. The legs on this table are squared and somewhat wide.

To add to the stability the designers added in a crossbar, connecting the legs together. This will ensure that undue stress isn’t being placed on one leg and should help the tables overall durability over the long haul.

It has a good looking wood finish that goes well with the black looks of the legs. It doesn’t look as fancy as some of the other tables in many ways, but it remains very functional.

It does have an internal ball return system for your convenience. It is also important to note that this is a pretty big table for the price. It is 26 inches wide and 53 and a half inches long. This isn’t quite the size of the Eastpoint competition table featured on our list, but it still will allow for multiple players to enjoy a game at once.

5- Triumph Sports 48-Inch Soccer Table

The Triumph Sports 48-Inch Soccer Table is another very affordable foosball table. This is another great table that is in the running for being the best foosball table for the money.

One of the aspects that makes this model stand out over the others I have featured on this list is the look. This table doesn’t have a wood finish like the others.

Triumph Sports decided to go with a more modern look when designing this foosball table. This means that this table might fit in better aesthetically in some game rooms because of this choice. If you have a room full of other games and furniture that fits a more modern look, going with a table that goes into that scheme does make sense. This table looks nice with a black and grey color scheme.

It’s built pretty well for a less expensive table. This isn’t going to give you the stability and overall sturdy feel of one of the competition foosball tables, but it is a great option for an entry level table. This has what you need to start playing foosball with your friends at home.

The chrome plated, hollow steel player rods feel good in the hands and make playing feel easy. It has a beaded scoring system as well. A good table that should be looked at if you want to play foosball while only paying a small amount of money.


Foosball is a very fun way to pass the time with friends. I have provided you with five of the best foosball table brands on the market above. I think that one of these five will definitely suit your needs and look great in your home.

Whether you are looking for a higher end competition table that you can host regular foosball game nights on, or if you want something more affordable for casual play, this list has you covered.

All of the foosball tables on this list are good deals. They can all be put into the best foosball table for under $500 category.

No matter which model you choose you’ll be able to have hours upon hours of fun with your friends enjoying the game.

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