Top 5 Best Athletic Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for the Gym

For a dedicated gym rat, plantar fasciitis can feel like a disaster. If you can’t even walk without pain, how are you going to make it through your Zumba class? Luckily, there are sneakers made specially for your aching heels. In this article, we’ll get you off the couch and back to your workout in a brand-new pair of the best sport shoes for plantar fasciitis. Remember, these shoes aren’t just ideal for the stationary bike or your kickboxing routine. Good athletic shoes for plantar fasciitis will allow you to run, jump, dance, and kick through whatever sport you love.

1- New Balance W1340v3 Optimum Control Running Shoe

The name of the game of beating plantar fasciitis is control and heel stability is the key. The best workout shoes for plantar fasciitis will always keep your foot snugly in place so that your heel, your toes, and everything in between hits the ground in exactly the right way with every single step, reducing the stress on your ligament.

Some people find that they like to add extra arch support, but the overall reliability of the entire shoe puts it in squarely in the category of the best athletic shoes for plantar fasciitis. Plus, look at this shoe. It’s adorable.

2- Saucony Guide 10

Your feet will float in this lightweight shoe. There’s a lot of good that can be said about Saucony in general, but there’s a reason that these lovelies are high on the list of their most popular athletic shoes. Despite the Guide 8’s low weight, it’ll last between six months and a year of moderate to heavy use.

Overpronators particularly love the way the midfoot sole is designed to both support your arches and transition smoothly and gracefully between heel and toe weight distribution. This is particularly important since stress between your heel and toe is the primary cause of your pain.

3- Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 Running Shoe

Overpronators will rejoice at this excellent shoe, whose ancestor, the GTS 19, still holds a cherished place of honor in the hearts of runners and athletes with plantar fasciitis. The shoe achieves a smoother ride through its segmented midsole, known casually as the Crash Pad.

Despite the destructive-sounding name, the shoe is actually very durable, even in comparison to other Brooks shoes. In fact, the only issue that buyers usually have with this model is that it tends to be a little snug. If you’re not sure, try ordering a little larger. Many of the best sport shoes for plantar fasciitis have the same issue, so don’t be scared away. This is still a fantastic choice for the right foot.

4- Saucony Kinvara 7 Running Shoe

The second Saucony on our list is both sharp-looking and effective against foot trouble. In fact, it’s one of the best athletic shoes for plantar fasciitis currently on the market. Extra cushioning in the heel both makes sure that your foot won’t slide and takes the pressure off your aching plantar fascia.

Runners particularly appreciate the support this shoe lends to the outer toes. When the Kinvara 7 came out, many gym rats who had loved this line in its early days were wary of the new model because of a design flaw in the previous edition, the Kinvara 6. Luckily, that seems to have been fully resolved. The Kinvara 7 feels just like the Kinvara 5: comfortable, supportive, and ideal for your feet.

5- ASICS Women's GT-2000 4 Running Shoe

When we talk about the best gym shoes for plantar fasciitis, we’re often talking about Asics. This brand makes some of the best athletic shoes on Earth, but the number of their models engineered to help alleviate foot pain in athletes makes them a superb pick for runners, sports players and, yes, gym goers with plantar fasciitis.

Don’t be fooled by this shoe’s plain exterior. The optimized gel cushioning system specific to Asics has earned a place in every heart (and foot) plagued by plantar trouble. Like many runner’s shoes, these tend to come on the small side, so try ordering half a size up if you’re buying online.


There’s no reason to allow your fitness routine to lapse just because your feet are acting up. The best exercise shoes for plantar fasciitis will support, cushion and sustain your feet through any activity that matters to you.

Remember, if you’re exercising strenuously, consult your podiatrist. As great as these shoes are, they’re no substitute for the direct care of a doctor, and the last thing you want is to have your symptoms stretch out for months longer than necessary. Take care of your feet and take care of yourself, and you’ll soon be running pain-free and happy once again.

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