What Are The Real Benefits of Jumping on a Trampoline?

A trampoline may look like a toy for little kids at first glance, or when you witness someone bouncing on it playfully, but it does come with several health benefits that the majority of the general public is oblivious about.

You might be wondering: ‘What real benefit can a trampoline have, when it looks like you’re simply jumping up and down?’ The good news is – there are a considerable number of benefits from using one for exercise, for both kids and adults.

Trampoline Benefits

Here’s a fun fact for you, an average person feels weightless at the highest part of the jump and experiences up to 4 times the gravitational force we usually experience, at the lowest point of the jump.

Still not convinced?

OK, I have put together a list of benefits of jumping on a trampoline to convince you:

1- Improves Circulation in Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is the network of organs and tissues responsible for ejecting waste and undesirable compounds from the body. But their primary function is circulating White Blood Cells throughout the body, but unlike the circulatory system which uses the heart to pump blood to our entire body, the lymphatic system relies on conscious bodily motion to use as a pump.

Jumping on a trampoline, which is a vigorous and conscious movement, causes our lymph nodes to open and close together that results in a 15-fold increase of flow! This raises our immunity due to the increased circulation of White Blood Cells, waste ejecting from our body faster.

2- Lower Strain on the Body

We exercise daily to keep ourselves fit, and there are numerous reasons for doing so. Traditional exercises like jogging, swimming, biking etc. put extensive strain on the body, especially at that age when you are not considered ‘young’ anymore.

Here’s an interesting fact for all of you, jumping on a trampoline for an hour, burns more calories than jogging for that duration of time, and here’s the kicker, it significantly decreases the chances of getting injured during exercise.

Additionally, ankle, shoulder and thigh injuries are common while employing traditional methods of exercise, whereas, if you bounce on a trampoline instead, you burn more calories while causing lower strain to those muscles that tend to get injured.

3- Helps With Weight Loss

trampoline for weight lossWe have already established that jumping on a trampoline burns a significant amount of calories, this in itself helps with losing weight. Using trampolines is an amazing replacement for traditional workouts since it doesn’t tire you out as fast and it burns more calories, thus helping with weight loss.

The constant up and down motion causes the body to tense over and over, and this results in the body acquiring a firmness that we all desire and wish to maintain. The constant rebounding tones the body, and shapes the body properly. Even though it might not seem like it, bouncing on a trampoline is good exercise.

4- Improves Balance and Coordination of the Body

The majority of people who use a trampoline and jump on it for the first time are bound to lose their balance as our bodies are not well-balanced as we go about our normal routines and lives.

Jumping on trampolines require a perfectly positioned center of gravity, otherwise you lose your balance. This slowly develops, and as you use the trampoline regularly, you will feel your body coordination improving, as well as your body balance.

There are numerous studies which have conclusively proven that jumping on a trampoline increases the balance of the human body when compared to the body of a person who does not use one.

5- It is a Fun System of Exercise

Okay, this might not seem like a valid reason, but hear me out. All other forms of working out cause fatigue, soreness and benefits of jumping on a trampolinegenerally wear you out, whereas using a trampoline is one of the few ways to exercise during which you have loads of fun! You don’t need to go far from your home and all you need is a backyard with a little space in it.

Rebounding on a trampoline is a very fun activity and add to that all the benefits it includes, it seems like a loss if you don’t have one to jump on regularly, this is not the case with traditional exercises and that is why procrastination abounds when it comes to exercising in the conventional way.


A study found that people, who considered an activity an exercise, were more likely to consume excess food soon after the aforementioned activity than people who were performing an action that they did not consider to be an exercise. Jumping on a trampoline is so much fun that I, for one, forget that I am working out, instead it feels like a leisure activity. Moreover, the health benefits that using one grants make it an excellent tool of exercise, one that actually works!