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William designs, runs, and occasionally writes posts on WIMI Fitness. He likes to create stunning designs like the WIMI's logo, site, infographics and product packaging. Not afraid to venture out in uncharted territory with trying out new ideas to deliver superior user experiences, William always strives to better and improve upon his work. He's also the loving dad of a beautiful 3 years old little girl.

What Does A Compression Arm Sleeve Do?

If you are a sports fan then you have probably seen many of your favorite athletes on television wearing compression sleeves. Compression sleeves are becoming more and more popular every year. If you don’t understand what compression sleeves do, you […]

Exercising While Suffering From Tennis Elbow

Suffering from a condition like tennis elbow is very frustrating for many. If you have a tennis elbow injury and are a particularly active person, it can be all the more maddening. It can prevent you from being able to […]

Tennis Elbow vs Golfers Elbow: What’s the Difference?

If you’ve ever suffered from either Tennis Elbow or Golfers Elbow before, you know just how painful they can be. The amount of pain caused from having one of these conditions can really hurt your productivity in life. It makes […]

Selfie Elbow is the World’s Newest Problem

In today’s world most everyone spends a ton of time on their smart phone. It is your portal to the entire world in many ways. You have access to pretty much the entire wealth of human knowledge accumulated over the […]

The Ultimate Guide to Tennis Elbow Pain – Infographic

Tennis elbow pain is a very common injury that can be agonizing for those suffering from it. The medical name for this condition is lateral epicondylitis. The term “tennis elbow” has become the common phrase to refer to this problem despite […]

Tennis And Squash Elbow – A Complete Guide

Squash is an excellent sport for many reasons. It’s easy to get into and have fun right off the bat. Squash can also be a demanding endeavor for those who want to perform at a high level. The intensity of […]