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Trish loves learning and sharing her newfound knowledge on pain management with others. Her goal is to help people recover from any of life's aches and pains and improve their qualitiy of life.

Best Asics for Plantar Fasciitis: A Buyer’s Guide

Before I even begin this article, I’ll let you in on something that you might have suspected from the title: we love Asics. In fact, in this piece, we’re focusing on Asics only, and we’re focusing specifically on the best […]

Top 5 Best Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Sufferers

If you’re a runner, then plantar fasciitis is the worst. As if it’s not bad enough to feel like you’re stepping on knives as you try to train for your next half-marathon, plantar fasciitis is also exceedingly common among runners. […]

How to Treat & Prevent Plantar Fasciitis at Home?

I hope you’ll agree with me when I say: Plantar fasciitis is just no fun. If you already have it, then you know how the searing heel pain destroys your mornings, how the agony can radiate down to your toes, and […]

6 Proven Ways to Test your Tennis Elbow

Why Should you do a Tennis Elbow Test? Lateral epicondylitis, commonly known as Tennis Elbow, is a type of Tendonitis; caused as a result of damage to the tendons that connect the forearm to your elbow, which results in chronic […]

How To Choose the Right Type of Tea for Your Mood

Tea is a favorite drink for many people all around the world. There are plenty of us that love to drink it multiple times a day. Aside from being tasty and enjoyable to drink, tea has a lot of health […]

Exercise any time, any where!

“Exercise any time, any where”. This quote is very powerful and can help you start exercising now. Why wait? Why procrastinate? You can easily put your shoes on and go for a run or a walk for 20 minutes. Living […]

Tennis Elbow Treatment: The Ultimate Guide for Recovery

Ouch! The pain experienced from tennis elbow can be excruciating and debilitating for anyone who suffers from this condition. Don’t think you have to be a tennis player to experience it either. Any activity that leads to overusing the elbow […]

The 5 Best Running Shoes for Wide Flat Feet With Reviews

You enjoy running. You’re dedicated to the sport, you’re committed to being the best runner you can possibly be, and you’re not going to let flat feet stop you from enjoying what you do. You can use inserts, do special […]