Plantar fasciitis is just the worst. Whether you’re suffering in the morning or during a hard day’s work, you don’t need the agony. Trust me: I know! I tried everything before giving in and buying myself a new pair of shoes. But I soon learned how much your entire life can change for the better when every step is pleasant and pain-free. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the absolute best boots for plantar fasciitis.

Every boot on this list features flexibility, arch support, and a deep heel that will give your plantar fascia a break from the pressure of holding you up all day.

Caterpillar Men's 2nd Shift 6" Steel Toe Boot

Look at this boot. It’s about the manliest thing you’re ever going to see on a boot review site, a boot shopping site, or your construction work site. Nobody is going to look twice at these babies, but they hide a secret: high tech interior design created with foot pain in mind! The inside is soft and supportive, surprisingly bendable, and gentle on your feet.

This particular boot also has a notoriously grippy sole. No need to aggravate your feet by scrambling for purchase! Speaking of which, if all this sounds good, you need to check out the price. Talk about bang for the buck!

Timberland PRO Men’s Hyperion 4 Inch Alloy Toe Work Boot

The Hyperion combines the best of both hiking and working worlds, resulting in a flexible steel-toed boot that comes with an incredibly supportive insole. It also features an exterior sole with unparalleled shock absorption abilities.

Expect it to conform to your foot like a hiking boot but hold up like a work boot thanks to its combination of leather and fabric uppers. It’s also waterproof, because of course it is.

Timberland often brings superb boots to the rack, and this one is no exception. No matter what you need it for, it’ll be there for you. These Timberlands are among the best boots out there for plantar fasciitis.

Ariat Men's Catalyst VX Wide Square Toe H2O Composite Toe Work Boot

Do you want a badass boot that will take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’? Do you want to feel like a 21st century cowboy as you stride through the barnyard? If so, keep reading, because do I have a boot for you!

The Catalyst is visually striking and versatile, with high sides that make it ideal for a farm or ranch. One pair has the potential to last, literally, for years. They hug your foot and give it all the support it could ever ask for.

Finally, as if all that weren’t enough, these boots feature a composite toe, meaning that nothing, but nothing, is getting through to your feet. Go ahead and drop that sledgehammer. Your boss might shout, but you’ll never feel a thing.

Thorogood Men's Heritage 8 Inch Safety Toe Work Boot

Flexibility is the watchword for anyone who suffers from plantar fasciitis, and this boot knows it. As soon as you wiggle your aching arches in this beauty of a shoe, you’re going to feel the difference.

Thorogood specializes in oil-tanned leather, which, I must say, generates some of the prettiest footwear I’d ever hope to see on a job site. Don’t be fooled by its looks, though: this shoe features dual-density shock absorption that makes it easy to pound the dirt all day. On top of all this, the Heritage and all other Thorogood products are union-made by working people who care deeply about their customers’ satisfaction. If you do have complaints, this company will take them directly to heart.

Chippewa Men's 29416 8" Waterproof Insulated Work Boot

Expect nothing less than warm, dry feet with this perennially popular work boot. Even the metal bits are impervious to the effects of the rain and snow.

The sole of these boots is handmade - yes, literally made by boot experts - to ensure that your foot gets the easiest ride possible. Save this one for jobs where your toes aren’t likely to get crushed, though: the toes are leather only, with no steel or composite to protect you from heavy falling objects. Despite that, the lack of heavy toe guards helps to make this boot lighter, which itself puts it among the best plantar fasciitis boots.


The good people who design for these brands know the pain of plantar fasciitis. They also know that the pain of searching around the world for a boot that doesn’t make your feet feel worse is even more frustrating than having a foot problem in the first place. Let them change your life - or, at least, the way you walk!

A good shoe knows that health begins with happy feet. You’ll know it too, when you can come home from a day at work and walk the dog, take a jog, or play a few rounds of golf without gritting your teeth. You’ll be amazed at the difference a good boot makes!

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Finding the right pair of athletic shoes for your workout is so important! Especially if you have flat feet like me, your athletic shoes are a tool! The right shoe can improve both your athletic performance and endurance so you can feel great, and keep exceeding your weight-loss and work-out goals. For ages I wore shoes not specifically designed for my flat feet and as a result I suffered from severe ankle, knee, and foot pain. It wasn’t until I consulted my doctor that I fully grasped the seriousness of the situation.

Best Athletic Shoes for Flat Feet

Years of pounding the pavement in the wrong pair of shoes can eventually lead to misaligned joints, and bulging discs in your back and hips which lead to some pretty invasive surgery.


As a fully confessed shop-alcoholic, I have tried countless pairs of shoes in the past. And to be honest only a handful of those shoes offered real benefits for my flat feet.

Take it from me! These are The Top Five Best Athletic Shoes for Flat Feet.

1- Nike Women's Revolution 3 Running Shoe

For years Nike has been a leader in the athletic shoe market, but now they making a name for themselves catering to the flat feet market.

One thing I love about this shoe is the sheer amount of color combinations to choose from.

In total there are 32! But looks aside, the cushioning is fantastic.

The arch support is good, and the mesh overlay makes for a really lightweight and breathable shoe. I use my pair for walking the dog, out on the tennis court, and to the gym.

Great all around shoe. However, there are some mixed reviews about sizing. 

2- ASICS Women's GEL-Nimbus 21 Running Shoe

The Asics GEL Nimbus is rightly named because it really does feel like your walking on a cloud!

The pair features Asics Heel clutching system, and Impact Guidance System, which promotes proper heel to toe movement (no rolling ankles!).

As well as their famous GEL technology. This shoe is great for extreme under pronators since the platform does not have an arch.

I spent the day at Disney in this shoe, and had no problems with breathability.  One of the best athletic shoes for flat feet!

3- Mizuno Women's Wave Creation 15 Running Shoe

These shoes really get heads turning!

The molded foam insole, hugs your foot, and is 30% lighter than other Mizuno U4icfoam.

I would highly recommend this shoe for long-distance runners. Usually over long distances I suffer from shin splints but have never had a problem with this shoe. I even wore them for my first marathon!

The cushioning provides user spring back, so you use less energy as you run. All Mizunos are man made so you know that they are high quality.

Plus free shipping, and free returns! Doesn’t get much better then that.

4- ASICS Women's GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe

No list is complete without a mention of Asics.

The Asics GEL Venture is the best workout shoe for flat feet in the great outdoors.

With its multi-surface traction outsole, no little rocks will get stuck in the tread of this shoe. It transitions great as well.

You definitely won’t be slipping on wet pavement with the GEL Ventures high abrasion rubber. The GEL technology focuses on the toe, and heel to support incline running.

I am a very happy runner in these shoes! However, the shoe is a bit narrow, so be wary if you have wide feet. Otherwise they run true to size.

5- Brooks Women's Glycerin 13 Running Shoe

One of the main reasons that people with flat feet experience discomfort when they run is because the body does not absorb shock the same way it would with normally pronated feet. That’s why user-spring back and cushioning is so important.

The Glycerin 13 does not disappoint in this category.

The DNA midsole provides ultimate cushioning, and energy enhancing spring back.

I can guarantee this pair will remain a favorite of yours, for years to come. In my opinion the Glycerin is a very reliable shoe, the best gym shoes for flat feet and definitely worth the price tag.


Now if only losing that last ten pounds was as easy as buying shoes!

There are so many great reasons to exercise.

It makes you happy, reduces stress, eases anxiety, and boasts confidence. I have great workout buddies, and I love that I am setting a great example for my kids.

However, there was a time when I stopped running because the stress on my ankles, and feet was just too much. Do not let the same thing happen to you. Don’t let a bad pair of running shoes keep you away from the gym.

These five shoes have done wonders for my flat feet and I’m sure will be great for you too! They are the best work out shoes for flat feet, and I cannot recommend them enough!

Exercise, be happy!

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If you’re a runner, then plantar fasciitis is the worst.

As if it’s not bad enough to feel like you’re stepping on knives as you try to train for your next half-marathon, plantar fasciitis is also exceedingly common among runners. Remember, it’s a repetitive stress injury. The impact of running only exacerbates the condition.

Luckily, the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis are easily attainable and highly effective at preventing further damage, or even preventing plantar fasciitis from happening in the first place.

Since this is such a common foot problem, buying a pair of the best runners for plantar fasciitis may be good practice for people who are at risk, but who haven’t developed the condition yet.

On that note, consider the following recommendations not only the top-rated running shoes for plantar fasciitis, but the best running shoes for healthy, happy feet.

Best Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Comparison Table

New Balance 1540V2breathable mesh panels
dual-density foam collar
Synthetic sole
Blown rubber outsole
For overpronators$$$$4
Asics Gel Kayano 25Seamless Engineered Mesh overlays for breathabilityRubber sole
Removable insole for comfort
Textured outsole for grip
For mild and moderate overpronators$$$5
Saucony Guide 10highly-breathable mesh upper featuring GLEXFILM technology with exoskeletal supportRubber sole
EVERUN topsole
Dual-density SSL EVA midsole
TRI-FLEX outsole
Moderate pronators$$5
Saucony Kinvara 7Multi-knit meshbetter ground contact and a smoother ride "TRI-FLEX" outsoleNeutral$4
Brooks Addiction 12Lightweight, breathable, moisture-managing Element mesh adaptive cushioning "BioMoGo DNA" midsoleFor moderate to severe overpronators$$$5

1- New Balance 1540V2

With the 1540V2, New Balance continues its tradition of putting out some of the top running shoes for plantar fasciitis.

One of the reasons for this is that its support simply cannot be beat: there is an actual graphite rollbar in the midsole that prevents your arches from pronating and keeps your heel happy. Because of the rollbar, the shoe is a little heavier than average, but even considering that, it’s still one of the best running shoes on the market.

This goes double for runners who are a bit heavy. The support offered by this shoe is not a support that will quickly quit. However, many plantar fasciitis sufferers like to add their own orthotics too, which is fine. There’s plenty of room.

2- Saucony Guide 10

Saucony makes some of the best running shoes; plantar fasciitis afflicts some of the best runners. It’s a match made in heaven. The Guide series has been a plantar fasciitis standby for a long time, proving its mettle on long runs. This is partially because the Guide has excellent rebound. The shock absorbing capabilities of the heel and midsole will keep you running for miles.

The best running shoes, if you have plantar fasciitis and you also overpronate, come with excellent stability. That means that they’ll support your arches and cushion your midsole at the same time. These shoes definitely fit that description. They’re so comfortable that you’ll want to stay in them long after you win the race.

3- Brooks Addiction 12

The ancestor of this shoe was the Brooks Addiction 10, still known as one of the best running shoes for plantars fasciitis.

With every iteration of the Addiction, Brooks has added upgrades specially suited to keeping your feet healthy.

The Heel Segmented Crash Pad built into this shoe really helps to take the edge off the shock of your foot hitting the ground with every step, and it includes a rollbar for stability, much like the New Balance 1540V2.

However, be aware that the presence of a rollbar often means that this running shoe is going to be heavier than a standard sneaker. If you overpronate, you won’t mind - it’s just one more reason that these are some of the best plantar fasciitis running shoes.

4- Saucony Kinvara 7

This relatively new shoe has already made a huge splash, partly owing to its ancestry.

Previous Kinvaras have been some of the best shoes for running with plantar fasciitis, and this iteration is no exception.

This particular model is a lot lighter than some of those that include rollbars, but it remains supportive and easy to run in.

Everrun cushioning in the heel gives the Kinvara both a deep heel cup and plenty of shock absorbing capabilities.

The thing that will really stand out about the Kinvara is its host of eye-catching color schemes. If you’re into making a statement at the 5k, then these are definitely worth checking out. You may be able to enjoy the best running shoes with plantar fasciitis, but you can also capitalize on your own personal sense of style.

5- Asics Gel Kayano 25

What is the best running shoe for plantar fasciitis except reliable, durable footwear that cups your heel and supports your arches?

An all-around strong contender for the title of best trainers for plantar fasciitis, the Kayano 25 features the Impact Guidance System technology that has made Asics for famous where shock absorption is concerned. Add that to the engineered impact guidance system, and you’re less likely to aggravate your heels than ever.

While there are many Asics that could help with your plantar fasciitis, their best running shoes may be Kayanos. The shoe is a good fit for a variety of foot types, and the price tag is very fair for what you get.

Remember, with a shoe this comprehensive, you’ll see benefits to your knees and hips, too. All that shock that your body doesn’t have to deal with ultimately leaves you in better shape for running.


Remember, running itself isn’t great for your plantar fasciitis.

After all, plantar fasciitis is basically a heel problem, and when you run, you land on your heels with every step. The right shoes can minimize your discomfort, especially if you use custom orthotics, but nothing will beat rest, a reduced running schedule, and the attention of a professional.

There’s no question that you should use these shoes while you’re getting over your heel pain, but the best time to wear them is when you run the risk of developing plantar fasciitis, either because you’ve had it before or because you run enough to be at risk.

Buy a pair and enjoy your runs again!

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You have your work shoes. You have your sports shoes. But what do you do when you just want to run to the store for some milk?

Having plantar fasciitis can mean that even mundane tasks are burdened with custom orthotics and heel pain, but one pair of good sneakers for plantar fasciitis can change your entire life. With proper heel and arch support, good shock absorption, and the right fit, your sneakers can help you instead of hurt you.

In this article, I’ve recommended sneakers for plantar fasciitis that will help you take the first steps toward fixing the problem instead of making it worse. No canvas flats here; these sneakers ought to help your feet right off the rack. What is the best sneaker for plantar fasciitis? Read on and find out!

1- Nike Zoom Pegasus 34 Running Shoes

If you’re looking for a lightweight shoe, then this is what you want. One of its best features is the snug mesh liner that hugs your foot like a sock, keeping your orthotics - and your ligament - in place for as long as you wear the shoe. This shoe also strikes an important balance between cushiony comfort and firm support, which many sufferers of plantar fasciitis struggle to find.

In addition, the shoe comes in ten different styles and colors for both genders, giving you the option to check out either the best women’s or the best mens sneakers for plantar fasciitis in any shade that strikes your fancy. Be aware, however, that some people find that the Zoom Pegasus is a little too light and lacks enough padding for their taste.

2- Vionic Women's Walker Classic Shoes

You’ll hear a lot about Orthaheel from your podiatrist, but until you’ve tried it, you’ll have no way of understanding just how supportive these remarkable shoes are. Vionic is an Orthaheel line that produces several varieties of shoe that are perfect for sufferers of plantar fasciitis. Unlike a lot of the world’s other best sneakers, plantar fasciitis notwithstanding, these shoes are no-frills business and will suit you if you’re just tired of looking at neon every time you try on a sneaker.

The Action Walker has everything a podiatrist-designed sneaker should have: a deep heel cup, great arch support, and a good, snug fit. Of all the entries on this list, these may be the single best sneakers for plantars fasciitis. You can’t go wrong.

3- New Balance 1540V2

Podiatrists love this shoe. Some go so far as to say that it’s actually the best sneaker for plantar fasciitis on the market today. One of its best features is motion control. When your foot is in this shoe, it’s getting the maximum amount of support that a shoe can give thanks to the Rollbar, a graphite piece that holds up your arches. Needless to say, the midsole is very firm thanks to this and allows for no overpronation whatsoever.

In fact, this shoe is often recommended to elderly customers with flat feet. The 10mm drop between the heel and the toes is fantastic for inflamed plantar fascia, too. Because they’ve got such firm stuff supporting the midsole, these shoes can be a bit heavier than they look. It’s worth it, though. No matter what your foot problem is, you’ll never walk the same again.

4- Dr. Weil Rhythm Lace-Up Walking Shoe

Your feet will be nice and cool in these stylish shoes thanks to the mesh uppers that distinguish this model. This perk exists in addition to the fact that these are, quite simply, some of the best sneakers for plantar fasciitis if you have to stand or walk at work all day. The midsoles are supportive but flexible, the design is light, and you can slip out the orthotics that come with the shoe and replace them with your own with no trouble at all.

Like the New Balance 1540V2, this shoe attempts to control your entire posture and motion pattern by correcting your feet. Though they can run a little narrow, these are an excellent choice if you don’t want to walk around looking like you’re ready for a softball game.

5- Asics Gel Kayano 22

This may be a running shoe, but you’ll use it for everything when you realize how great it is for your feet. It will let you run, jump, jog, bike, walk, and generally do everything you’ve missed ever since your heels started hurting.

Excellent arch support makes this one of the best sneakers for plantar fasciitis, but what you’ll really love are the crazy colors. This is how to make a statement and recover from foot problems all in one fell swoop.


When you’re looking for good sneakers for plantar fasciitis, no ordinary footwear will do. You need to do everything in these, including work, play, and carry out chores around the house. Why suffer in a pair of decade-old flats? Remember, different shoes work for different people. Your podiatrist will be able to give you good advice on whether you need excellent arch support or if you ought to focus instead on a deep heel cup.

No matter what kind of sneaker you need, you deserve a shoe that doesn’t hurt you. Try our recommendations and be amazed at how much better you feel when your plantar fascia feels loved.

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Flat feet. Fallen arches. Overpronators. Whatever you call them, they’re no fun: when your feet aren’t shaped right, your whole body suffers. Even walking with flat feet can mess up your entire posture, leading to painful knee, hip, and ankle problems.

The only solution is support, and the best support can be found in the best shoe brands for flat feet. These makers of footwear design specifically for people like you: people whose arches just aren’t where they should be.

While plenty of joggers and shoe retailers can recommend the best shoe brands, flat feet require special attention. That’s why we’ve compiled the ultimate list of the best shoe brands for flat feet. Now, using this handy resource as a guide, you’ll be able to correct your arches and walk free of pain again.

1- Mizuno

As we mentioned earlier, the best shoe brands flat feet benefi from are often just the best shoes. Mizuno is known far and wide as an athletic shoe fit for the most elite of sportspeople. But when it comes to fallen arches, it really shines. Its flagship model, the Mizuno Wave Creation 19, is famous for outstanding arch support and truly remarkable performance capability all around.

But arch support isn’t all that a good shoe needs. Mizunos also offer smooth heel to toe transition, which is critical for preventing feet with fallen arches from developing problems like plantar fasciitis. They’re light, breathable, and wonderfully versatile. Their only downside is that they tend to run on the expensive side. But, as many happy Mizuno customers will tell you, it’s worth it!

2- Brooks

The world famous Addiction 12 from Brooks is definitely a great example of a high-performance shoe from what might be the best brand of running shoes for flat feet. They feature nice, high arches situated toward the heel of the shoe itself. Better yet,they support your ankles, meaning that if you have that perfect storm of foot problems, fallen arches and weak ankles, this is probably the brand you’ve been looking for.

Brooks may also be the best brand of shoes for kids with flat feet. Older kids and Middle Schoolers will easily fit into small adult sizes, and the brand makes their versatile sneakers so well that they’ll even stand up to the wear and tear of a playground or gym.

3- Saucony

This brand likes to play up the amount of cushioning it uses in the soles of its famously comfortable shoes. We say, cushion away! Comfortable shoes can reduce the likelihood of foot problems, and if you have fallen arches anyway, then you may already be uncomfortable when you walk. Sauconys are also known to be a little more lightweight than some other sporty shoes.

The Hurricane ISO 5 is nominally a running shoe. In fact, Saucony is considered by some to be a contender for the place of best brand of running shoes for flat feet. However, there’s no harm in wearing this model as a typical sneaker. It’s a little expensive, but your feet will thank you.

4- Asics

This is one brand that’s famous for its excellent arch support. Asics will never let you down, neither as a running shoe nor as a shoe for flat feet. They stand up to wear very well, often lasting long beyond their expected life with light wear.

The Asics J33 Running Shoe is probably its best product for overpronators who run, but several Asics models work nicely for fallen arches and flat feet. And, of course, Asics just look snazzy.

With wacky colors and patterns, you’ll certainly stand out at the office if you wear these to work. Try using them primarily for exercise. You’ll turn every head at the gym, and your feet will feel great the whole time.

5- Vionic

Even in the best brand, shoes for flat feet that are also appropriate for a variety of occasions can be hard to find. Not so for Vionic. No matter what you’re looking for, this brand probably has it available. While the other brands we’ve covered have focused on athletic shoes and runners, Vionic has a broad selection available, from sneakers to sandals.

As you might be able to guess from the name of their Orthaheel lineup, they specifically and specially design orthopedic shoes. Your friends will never know, though. Most of Vionic’s lines look and feel designer.

The Orthaheel Walker is perennially the most popular shoe for people with foot problems. For one thing, it supports the natural and healthy shape of the bottom of your foot. That includes, not only your arches, but the shape of your heel and the sides of your foot, too.


Each of these brands represents the best in modern shoe design, and most could simply rank among the best shoe brands, flat feet notwithstanding. But your feet are special and have special needs. The best brand of shoes for flat feet realizes this and caters to what you need.

Why not take the chance to update your shoe rack? It can only help your feet in the long run, and you deserve happy feet.

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Tennis athletes and hobbyists alike may come down with foot problems when they pivot and dive on the court. Good shoes can help prevent or even solve the issue, but what are the best tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis and heel spurs?

The very nature of the sport seems to defy attempts to correct foot issues.

Best Tennis Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Luckily, there are many fantastic tennis shoes made with pivot-related foot problems in mind. These shoes will all feature excellent traction, good arch support, and heels that just won’t quit… supporting your foot, that is.


A great tennis shoe may not instantly cure your plantar fasciitis - only time can do that - but it can make it possible for you to continue playing and enjoying the sport as normally as possible until your plantar fascia heals.

1- Adidas CC Rally Comp W

Arch support is what makes this model one of the best tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis.

However, you’ll also love the light weight. The last thing you need on the court, in addition to painful heels, is to lug around five-pound weights on the end of each leg.

The Rally Comp W will make all your heavy, clunky shoes of the past a mere memory.

Like all the best tennis shoes, this model features a breathable design with good airflow. The only downside is that this shoe often doesn’t have enough room inside for extra orthotics.

2- New Balance WC1005 Stability Tennis Shoe

One of the primary things you should look for in good tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis is traction. You need to be able to turn on a dime without stretching or tearing your plantar fascia.

The 1005 Stability will give you all the traction you need and more, while at the same time providing excellent lateral support to your foot.

It’s true that they’re not the best-looking shoe on the market, but it won’t matter when you try them on. They are breathable and extraordinarily comfy, with a mesh top and a padded ankle collar.

There are other reasons we like this shoe, including its s-curve sole, which increases the shoe’s overall stability. But at the end of the day, this is just a nice all-around tennis shoe.

3- Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour

The Zoom Vapor 9.5 has a nice, sleek, simply elegant appearance that is refreshing in a landscape of hyper-designed footwear.

Since it was designed in part by tennis legend Roger Federer specifically for the sport of tennis, it can’t come as much of a surprise that these are some of the best tennis shoes, period.

However, the sports hero must have also consulted with a podiatrist. This shoe has also got excellent heel padding, a must for a court shoe when plantar fasciitis is involved.

Adaptive Fit, an innovation that wraps from the bottom of your foot to the shoe’s laces, makes sure that the shoes are as supportive as possible.

If you need more support, just lace them a little tighter and adjust as needed. Be aware, however, that wide feet may find this shoe a little too snug no matter how well it’s adjusted.

4- Prince T22 Tennis Shoe

Prince shoes had a rocky start as a brand, but the debut of the T22 in 2002 was a watershed moment.

This model is probably the most popular of their lines among sufferers of plantar fasciitis, and for good reason.

The midsole is an excellent shock absorber and immediately endears itself to anyone familiar with the lancing heel pain that happens when your plantar fascia takes the full force of a step. However, these are top tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.

Non-sufferers may find it an excellent choice, too. The shoe is also so comfortable that you’ll find it needs minimal or no breaking in, and on top of that, one pair will last through an ice age.

5- Asics Gel Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe

As with many Asics models, the Gel Resolution 7 features excellent heel to toe transition and midsole support.

That alone puts it high in the category of best tennis shoes, plantar fasciitis notwithstanding.

But the Gel Resolution 6 has other advantages, too.

Its shock absorbing capabilities work well with its flatter, high-traction sole, which combines grip with light design to allow you to maneuver quickly and easily on the court.

As you play, the shoe's innovative fit will prevent your foot from slipping around inside, which itself can cause plantar fascia issues.

The women’s model features gel technology only in the front of the shoe, particularly at the ball of the foot. Usually this is enough.


Good tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis shouldn’t be hard to find. If you shop online, there are plenty of options for you if you suffer from both foot pain and obsession with the sport of tennis.

Remember to look for good traction in tennis shoes, as well as breathability and support.

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For a dedicated gym rat, plantar fasciitis can feel like a disaster. If you can’t even walk without pain, how are you going to make it through your Zumba class? Luckily, there are sneakers made specially for your aching heels. In this article, we’ll get you off the couch and back to your workout in a brand-new pair of the best sport shoes for plantar fasciitis. Remember, these shoes aren’t just ideal for the stationary bike or your kickboxing routine. Good athletic shoes for plantar fasciitis will allow you to run, jump, dance, and kick through whatever sport you love.

1- New Balance W1340v3 Optimum Control Running Shoe

The name of the game of beating plantar fasciitis is control and heel stability is the key. The best workout shoes for plantar fasciitis will always keep your foot snugly in place so that your heel, your toes, and everything in between hits the ground in exactly the right way with every single step, reducing the stress on your ligament.

Some people find that they like to add extra arch support, but the overall reliability of the entire shoe puts it in squarely in the category of the best athletic shoes for plantar fasciitis. Plus, look at this shoe. It’s adorable.

2- Saucony Guide 10

Your feet will float in this lightweight shoe. There’s a lot of good that can be said about Saucony in general, but there’s a reason that these lovelies are high on the list of their most popular athletic shoes. Despite the Guide 8’s low weight, it’ll last between six months and a year of moderate to heavy use.

Overpronators particularly love the way the midfoot sole is designed to both support your arches and transition smoothly and gracefully between heel and toe weight distribution. This is particularly important since stress between your heel and toe is the primary cause of your pain.

3- Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 Running Shoe

Overpronators will rejoice at this excellent shoe, whose ancestor, the GTS 19, still holds a cherished place of honor in the hearts of runners and athletes with plantar fasciitis. The shoe achieves a smoother ride through its segmented midsole, known casually as the Crash Pad.

Despite the destructive-sounding name, the shoe is actually very durable, even in comparison to other Brooks shoes. In fact, the only issue that buyers usually have with this model is that it tends to be a little snug. If you’re not sure, try ordering a little larger. Many of the best sport shoes for plantar fasciitis have the same issue, so don’t be scared away. This is still a fantastic choice for the right foot.

4- Saucony Kinvara 7 Running Shoe

The second Saucony on our list is both sharp-looking and effective against foot trouble. In fact, it’s one of the best athletic shoes for plantar fasciitis currently on the market. Extra cushioning in the heel both makes sure that your foot won’t slide and takes the pressure off your aching plantar fascia.

Runners particularly appreciate the support this shoe lends to the outer toes. When the Kinvara 7 came out, many gym rats who had loved this line in its early days were wary of the new model because of a design flaw in the previous edition, the Kinvara 6. Luckily, that seems to have been fully resolved. The Kinvara 7 feels just like the Kinvara 5: comfortable, supportive, and ideal for your feet.

5- ASICS Women's GT-2000 4 Running Shoe

When we talk about the best gym shoes for plantar fasciitis, we’re often talking about Asics. This brand makes some of the best athletic shoes on Earth, but the number of their models engineered to help alleviate foot pain in athletes makes them a superb pick for runners, sports players and, yes, gym goers with plantar fasciitis.

Don’t be fooled by this shoe’s plain exterior. The optimized gel cushioning system specific to Asics has earned a place in every heart (and foot) plagued by plantar trouble. Like many runner’s shoes, these tend to come on the small side, so try ordering half a size up if you’re buying online.


There’s no reason to allow your fitness routine to lapse just because your feet are acting up. The best exercise shoes for plantar fasciitis will support, cushion and sustain your feet through any activity that matters to you.

Remember, if you’re exercising strenuously, consult your podiatrist. As great as these shoes are, they’re no substitute for the direct care of a doctor, and the last thing you want is to have your symptoms stretch out for months longer than necessary. Take care of your feet and take care of yourself, and you’ll soon be running pain-free and happy once again.

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Your heart is in the woods, but if your arches are flat on the ground, you’ll never find a way to reconcile your love of hiking and your flat feet.

Having fallen arches can increase your chances of other problems, too, including plantar fasciitis, knee issues, and even hip problems stemming from your foot landing the wrong way with every step.

Best Hiking Boots for Flat Feet

Luckily, there’s help for you. Aside from seeing a podiatrist about orthotic inserts, you can make an enormous difference in your life by buying and wearing the right pair of hiking boots. What, you may ask, are the best hiking boots for flat feet? Read on and find out.

1- KEEN Women’s Targhee II Mid WP Hiking Boot

It’s hard to praise this boot too highly. It’s just one of the best hiking shoes, for flat feet or healthy ones. In particular, the fit of the Targhee helps keep your foot in place as you journey onward, making sure that your midfoot never slides around inside the shoe and lands in a place that wouldn’t support its arches.

And, in case you were wondering, yes: the trim does come in multiple different colors. There is no rule in the books that says that hiking boots need to be dowdy and boring-looking. Like most of the best hiking boots, these ones come with waterproofing. However, keep in mind that even the best of boots could use a little treatment before hiking through streams and rivers.  

2- Asolo Stynger GTX

That’s right: this is a Gore-Tex boot as well as one of the best hiking boots for flat feet. How could it possibly be better? Well, the answer lies in the construction of the back of the shoe and the collar around the top.

Any hiking boot worth its leather will have a snug ankle, but the Stynger is known for superior support and padding. Just try turning your foot on a rock while wearing these.

In addition, the shoes are easily wearable right out of the box. Granted, you should still break them in, but you may find that you’ll suffer through fewer blisters than you might with a heavier shoe.

3- Merrell Women’s All-Out Blaze Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Not only does this shoe support your arches, but it absorbs the shock of your every step like none other. If you’re already susceptible to pronation-related repetition sports injuries, then that extra little bit of help matters a lot.

These Merrells are also very lightweight, which makes a big difference to your arches when you pick up your foot.  

In addition, the Blaze is a supple shoe that allows your foot to bend without letting it wriggle and develop blisters. It hugs the ankle and holds up great through a wide variety of conditions. When it comes to hiking shoes for flat feet, there are few on the market that are more robust.

4- Drew Shoe Women's Rochelle Hiking Boot

If you are a longtime overpronator, then you know Drew Shoe quite well. They’re legendary for their wide range of orthotic shoe designs, appropriate for work and play.

But did you know that they also make a mean hiking boot? It’s true: good hiking boots for flat feet don’t just come from outdoors companies. Drew really knows what it’s doing, and it’s designed a boot that will help, not only with your flat feet, but with a range of foot problems.

It might look a little bulky, but that’s just extra room for orthotics. The Rochelle ties down snug and absolutely does not let your foot slip around. It’s also got a waterproof membrane and a leather exterior, in case you were wondering about its trail cred.

5- Vasque Women's Breeze GTX Hiking Boots

That’s right: another Gore-Tex boot. (We just love that Gore-Tex, and who says that having flat feet means that you have to compromise on quality?) The name of the game for this shoe is comfort. You definitely won’t overheat in these, and you’ll be stunned by how good your feet feel at the end of a hike. No blister nor fallen arch will stop you from backpacking to your heart’s content.

That said, be sure and waterproof these before you take them on the trail. They’re a little lighter than some other boots, and moisture can sometimes slip through the mesh. But for good hiking boots for flat feet, a little wax on the seams is always worth it.


Take our word for it: these are the best hiking shoes for flat feet in the world. But if you’re planning to break in a new pair of these beauties, always make sure and do so responsibly. Never take a new pair of boots on a long hike without walking them for fifty miles first.

Remember, you’ve got to know if that particular shoe’s arch support really works for you. Always talk to a podiatrist before a long trip and never, ever give up. The woods are calling and you deserve to answer. Don’t let your flat feet trip you up.

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Before I even begin this article, I’ll let you in on something that you might have suspected from the title: we love Asics. In fact, in this piece, we’re focusing on Asics only, and we’re focusing specifically on the best Asics for plantar fasciitis.

It’s no secret that plantar fasciitis afflicts runners. But you also can’t exactly sit on a couch with your foot in a splint for six months, either. Come on. There are marathons happening. There are miles to clock. And the real reason you do this is because you kinda love pain anyway, right?

Well, say goodbye to foot pain. You might be able to run through a stitch in your side, but there’s no reason on Earth to run with painful feet when these shoes are on the market. Your feet will thank you for using one of these, the best Asics shoes for plantar fasciitis currently available in the world.

When shopping for plantar fasciitis-friendly shoes, look for three things: a wide heel, ankle support, and good shock absorption. Also, talk to your doctor about how much you should be running. Even with the best Asics, you’ll need to give your feet a break, even a little one, before they can recover fully.

ASICS Kinsei 5

Asics makes a big deal out of the Kinsei, and for good reason: it’s by far one of their most popular running shoes. This model combines the best of shock absorption, foot-hugging fit, and heel support.

Believe it or not, the shoe actually incorporates memory foam to personalize the fit of the shoe to your heel. It may actually be the single best Asics for plantar fasciitis, which is why it’s at the top of this list. Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, it’s worth the price.

ASICS Gel-Exalt 3 Running Shoe

The famous Asics gel cushioning system definitely makes the Exalt 3 a winner. In addition to being great shoes for runners with plantar fasciitis, it’s a fine choice for sufferers of shin splints, largely because of the way the shoe’s insole supports your arch.

Though it should never be a primary reason for buying a shoe, it nevertheless remains that the Exalt 3 is also quite a lovely shoe that will generate commentary from other runners. Odds are good that nobody will even suspect that you’re wearing it for plantar fasciitis! The only downside of this model is that it tends to be a little stiff until it’s been soundly broken in.

ASICS Gel-Kayano 22

Do you have flat feet? What a pain, right? (As if you needed any more of that.) The GEL-Kayano seeks to remedy your situation through the magic of appropriate arch support. This shoe won’t impose new demands on your already aching feet.

Firm foam arch supports inside the shoe keep you from pronating too painfully and the shoe hugs your foot well enough that it won’t slide out of position. That said, the Kayano can hold your foot a little too well. Some people find that it feels a bit small. If you can’t try it on in a store before you order, try ordering a half size larger than you’d normally go.

ASICS GT 2000 2

The GT 2000 has a reputation for being great specifically for runners with foot issues, including plantar fasciitis. Part of this is because it’s both light and stable.

Why not be comfortable as you take care of your feet? Asics also improved on some stiffness issues from earlier versions of this shoe, leading to scores of happy customers switching from other models. Big runners like the GT 2000 partially because its midsole and heel support systems wear extremely well instead of wearing right out. Natural pronators will also appreciate the arch support and cozy fit. Many runners who try it never go back, even after their plantar fasciitis is resolved.

ASICS GEL-Nimbus 18

One of the nicest things about the GEL-Nimbus 18 is how it hugs your heel. As you already know, a tight heel grip inside the shoe means less pain inside your foot.

As the name suggests, gel-filled cushions do much to relieve the shock of each footstep. However, this shoe also has an extra advantage for runners with high arches: a high supinator provides you with even more support. Granted, if you pronate or have flat feet, this model won’t be your best pick, and it’s a little heavy to boot. But for aggressive runners with the right soles, this model is a shoe-in.


You’re stubborn. You’re driven. You’re a runner. Microscopic tears in your plantar fascia aren’t going to stop you from doing what you love, and these shoes, with their arch support and firm ankles, are going to help ensure that your foot doesn’t slow you down.

In fact, the right kind of shoes can even prevent plantar fasciitis from getting worse - they’re actually good for you! And who couldn’t use a new pair of running shoes? Whether you jog or sprint, run marathons or dash to catch the bus, you’ll find a place in your closet for a pair of the best Asics shoes for plantar fasciitis.

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There is copious scientific evidence that suggests that sitting all day is bad for your health. When you have plantar fasciitis, however, no possible consequence can make the pain of walking worthwhile, especially when it comes to fitting in the daily half hour of movement that most doctors recommend.

But in six months, you may not have plantar fasciitis anymore. Instead, you could have a few extra pounds, a weakened immune system, and even depression. Don’t sit out your foot pain on the couch. Instead, find the right shoes for your plantar fasciitis and live your life.

That begs the inevitable question: what is the best walking shoe for plantar fasciitis? Luckily, we’ve tried them all. Whether you’re upgrading from a pair of sandals or your old hiking boots, these will return to you the freedom of movement that’s so important to your quality of life.

1- VIONIC Walker by Orthaheel

The Orthaheel brand is justly famous as the maker of some of the best shoes for walking with plantar fasciitis. The VIONIC walker is no exception. The deep heel and insole arch support will do absolute wonders for your foot pain whenever you stand on your aching plantar fascia. As a matter of fact, these walking shoes are often billed as beneficial for your entire posture, especially if you have flat feet or your foot tends to pronate.

While some wearers feel that the footbed is too hard, most people who try this shoe love it. Not only is this one of the best walking shoes for plantar fasciitis, but it’s appropriate for a wide range of physical activity, from golf to walking around the block.

2- Brooks Addiction Walker

The Addiction Walker is a little heavier than some of the other shoes on this list, but they’re reliable, durable, and ultimately a favorite of people suffering with a range of foot problems. Not only is the arch support top-notch, but it’ll last until the shoe itself literally falls apart.

The thicker sole makes this shoe ideal for people who tend to burn through shoe rubber fast, especially those of us who work on our feet all day. As a double bonus, the shoe is a great shock absorber that will take pressure off your painful heels for hours at a time. It’s a little more expensive than the VIONIC, but many walkers like it more.

3- Asics GEL-Contend 5 SL Walker

Asics is famous for its innovative GEL-tech system, which is uniquely capable when it comes to cushioning your foot. The other brand rules for Asics apply here as well: these shoes hug your foot, cup your heel without allowing it to slide, and generally make walking an experience you want to have.

4- Saucony Grid Omni

If you’re looking for the best walking sneakers for plantar fasciitis, but you don’t want to pay a premium price, then the Grid Omni is the shoe for you. The name of this shoe derives from its engineered grid located in the rear foot, which uses the principles of physics to take pressure off of the most tender parts of your foot. But don’t take my word for it: Consumer Reports also considers this one of the best walking shoes.

Plantar fasciitis doesn’t have a chance. When you buy, remember that this sneaker runs a size smaller than other shoes of the same type.

5- Orthaheel Tahoe

That’s right: Orthaheel is so nice that it’s on this list twice!

Compared to many of the other shoes on this list, the Tahoe is much more stylish. It’s still one of the best walking shoes, plantar fasciitis considering, but it’s not quite as plain or utilitarian as other sneakers in its category. It’s also not as sporty. This may be a shoe you’re more willing to wear to your day job than out on a quick power walk. However, if you did have to walk a few blocks on the spur of the moment, these shoes are ready for the contingency with some out-of-this-world arch support.


When treated with the best walking shoes, plantar fasciitis becomes both more manageable and less of a limit on your daily routine. Whether you’re trying to enjoy a casual stroll or just hoping to get through a long shift, these shoes will see you through in comfort.

No matter what footwear from this list you end up wearing, rest assured that your feet will feel better when you give them the care and attention that they deserve.

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