compression elbow sleevesHi, we are Emily and William, founders of WIMI Sports & Fitness. We started our sports gear brand because we were tired of low quality, poorly made, uncomfortable equipment. I, Emilie, grew up believing if you love it, it should last and as an athlete, we invest our blood, sweat and tears into perfecting our training, practice, and our life to be as good as we deserve.

WIMI Sports & Fitness was created in 2015 because we are passionate about sports and health in general. We strongly believe that living an active and healthy life is essential and should be taken seriously.

As athletes ourselves, we understand how important it is to stay healthy. The world around us is stressful and very demanding, but by being active it helps us to stay in shape and in control of our life and destiny. To be able to accomplish that, we know you need the best gear.

The WIMI Sports & Fitness mission is to empower you to feel good while exercising and being active with less pain, suffering and frustration.

With that in mind we have recently launched a new system that combines a tennis elbow brace and copper-infused compression sleeve to help you fight your tennis or golfer elbow pain. Our system is effective whether you are an athlete or a hard worker behind your computer, cashier or a gardener, suffering from tennis elbow, tendonitis, or bursitis. We believe that any form of arm inflammation is no fun and should not prevent you from being active.

We are going to launch more solutions in the coming months, including a pair of really cool copper-infused compression sleeves available in 4 sizes and a brand new solution for knee sufferers. We have more solutions on the way. Sign up to our newsletter and we’ll keep you posted. 😉

So, welcome to our little community of active and healthy folks.

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