50 Best Women's Running Blogs To Start Reading Now

You love to run. The sensation of your feet pounding the earth, each step moving you forward, both grounds you and moves you. You’ve got a passion, and like every good passion, running has its online community. You, a proud running woman, deserve your place there. Check out these top blogs to find your people today.



Courtney eat pray run dc

1- Eat Pray Run DC

The name is no coincidence: this blog chronicles the journey of Courtney, a Washington, DC foodie and Christian who just loves to run. Cheer her as she trains for marathons and be inspired by her ongoing quest to truly have it all.

veggie runners

2- Veggie Runners

Yes, you can be a vegetarian and a runner. You can also run in beautiful environments that nurture your soul. This blog will show you how to feed your body while enjoying art and running together. You really can have it all.

mile posts

3- Mile Posts

Did you catch that pun in the title? This blog is particularly great for running moms who have to deal with things like running during pregnancy and running with strollers.

low fat pie blog

4- {Run} {Laugh} {Eat Pie}

This site’s tagline is “Amazing what changes when you start to run.” They couldn’t put it better. With lots of runner spotlights and stories of first-time runners completing their first races, this blog is perfect inspiration.

organic runner mom

5- Organic Runner Mom

This site believes that dedication to physical fitness transcends exercise alone. Here, you’ll find tips for eating a wholesome organic diet while running yourself fit.

dreaming of foot path

6- Dreaming of Footpaths

Often funny and always spot-on, this blog is both entertaining for experienced runners and a great source of advice for new ones. Writer Sarah used to be overweight, and started running as a way of keeping down the calories, but eventually she became competitive and now just loves it.


7- JogBlog

Cathy used to smoke, but now she runs instead, and the world is a better place because of it. Her reviews are spot-on and her advice is always good. This site also shares information on a variety of other things, including renting out your house and the anatomy of a good golf swing.


8- The Hungry Runner Girl

It’s amazing how often, and how well, food and running go together. Blogger Janae uses this blog to talk about food, her love of marathon running, and her beautiful family.

Jill run eat snap

9- Run Eat Snap

If you’re a photographer, odds are good that you’ll enjoy this cute, arty blog. RunEatSnap has really taken off since its start in 2015. Go for the reviews of fitness classes, stay for the photography of stunning European vistas.

fannetastic food

10- fANNEtastic Food

If you like your running with a few recipes, check out Anne’s gorgeous blog. She travels, she runs, and she still makes time to tell you all about it.

ali on the run

11- Ali on the Run

After a few minutes of reading Ali’s blog, you’ll want to be her best gal pal. A Manhattanite who’s into yoga and marathons, she’ll charm your socks off as she tells you all about her recent races.

the runner beans

12- The Runner Beans

Londonite and marathoner Charlie travels the world, and not just to the easy places. Follow her blog to Kilimanjaro and even further. Also, enjoy the many excellent recipes she shares.

lazy girl running

13- Lazy Girl Running

Are you lazy? Don’t worry, you’re in good company. Lazy Girl Running will get you off the couch and on your feet. Focusing on training, this blog will really show you how to maximize your potential.

ultra runner girl

14- Ultra Runner Girl

This blog focuses on one thing: races. The author, a Canadian lawyer who advocates for human rights all over the world, travels to places as far-flung as South Sudan and Iran to run. Her stories will move you in more ways than one.

the girl that runs

15- The Girl That Runs

Zoe’s not embarrassed to listen to music while she runs. In fact, she’s proud to be an everyday runner: just a serious amateur who really, really enjoys a good race.

the concrete runner

16- The Concrete Runner

As a mother, a fitness instructor, and a runner, Kristen is super-qualified to give great advice about running, especially to moms. If you're interested in becoming faster and stronger, she also does personal training.

running perseverance

17- Running with Perseverance

This blog focuses not only on running, but on faith. Coco is a Catholic runner who finds healing and strength both in the act of running and in devotion to her beliefs.

run far girl

18- Run Far Girl

Sarah is open about an aspect of the running community that doesn’t always get a lot of press: she’s a recovering bulimic. Join her as she indulges in running and food as two sides of the coin of good health.

fat girl running

19- Fat Girl Running

Ever feel like all the running bloggers out there are, well, of a type? That type being thin? Look no further than Fat Girl Running for a runner who is large and proud. Blogger Mirna is a teacher and writer who contributes to Women’s Running Magazine and has a book in the works.

crazy running girl

20- Crazy Running Girl

Lora makes no bones about it: she loves running. Its physical benefits are part of the appeal, but her love for the running community really shines through, too.

socal runner gal

21- SoCal Runner Gal

Kate fell in love with running during college. Since then, she’s become a trainer and has run many, many races in her adopted home city of San Diego. Now, she shares her love of running with you.

Jill will run

22- Jill Will Run

Jill is a long-distance runner, so she knows from good gear. In this blog, she lays it all out for you: the good, the bad, and the extremely useful high tech gadgetry.

the runners plate

23- The Runner’s Plate

Living in Alaska presents an avid runner with a few extra challenges. Luckily, Michelle knows how to surmount them. She also coaches runners of various abilities online.

running skirts

24- Running Skirts

A running skirt is a garment that functions as a skirt, but doesn’t get in the way when you run. It’s the way to go if you want a combination of style and practicality, and this blog can tell you all about them.

old girl running

25- Old Girl Running

Who says runners have to be young? Sher is in her late fifties and she loves to run. Whether you’re starting to run late in life or continuing to run into your later years, this blog is full of good advice.

michigan runner girl

26- Michigan Runner Girl

Covering the state of Michigan, this blog is the brainchild of Heather Johnson, a journalist who focuses on running. If you’re pounding the pavement in the Midwest, this is a great blog to know.

mom on the run

27- Mom on the Run

Anupriya is an avid Indian runner who has been all over the subcontinent and the Philippines running races. Her blog also covers a lot of yoga.

monica run eat repeat

28- Run Eat Repeat

Whether you’re looking for the perfect recipe for chocolate chip cookies or you just want some running inspiration, this blog is for you. Covering travel, lifestyle and weight loss, Run Eat Repeat is a sure win for runners with broad interests.

Tamsin fat girl to ironman

29- Fat Girl to Ironman

Maybe running alone doesn’t get your heart rate up anymore. If you ever want to throw swimming and bicycling into that mix, then this is the blog for you.

the lone runner

30- The Lone Runner

Kassandra loves to run faster than the Boston commute every day. In addition to discussing her many runs, she ruminates on family and its importance in her life.

preppy runner

31- Preppy Runner

Like many runner-bloggers on this list, Theodora lost a lot of weight when she started to run. However, unlike many bloggers anywhere, she is also open about her inspiring battle against depression.

katie holmes run young 50

32- Run Young 50

Here’s another blogger who’s over 50 and loves to run. Kate began running in middle age and hasn’t stopped. Now, through her blog, she focuses on runners who are advanced in years and still putting in miles.

mag mile runner

33- Mag Mile Runner

For life, culture and running in Chicago, Mag Mile Runner and its blogger, Maggie, cannot be beat. This is an especially good resource for runners who enjoy the occasional glass of alcohol.

nyc running mama

34- NYC Running Mama

As a West Point grad, Michelle knows something about running...but what about being a mom? This blog follows her journey, not only to Ironman competitions and marathons, but to motherhood and family.

another mother runner

35- Another Mother Runner

Moms love to run. They run together, with their kids, alone, or in races. If you’re a mom, then this is a simply fantastic way to find other mother runners and build your community.

kristina running

36- Kristina Running

Kristina’s fitness journey continues, and you are invited to follow along… if you can keep up. By posting best times and workout schedules, this blogger provides inspiration to the rest of us.

kelly run selfie repeat

37- Run, Selfie, Repeat

This introspective blog deals with a lot of the more thoughtful aspects of running, including mantras and the reasons that runners cheat. It’s the perfect compliment to a training blog since it exercises your mind.

fit girl happy girl

38-  Fit Girl. Happy Girl

Hannah is a happy runner who started her blog to document her Couch-to-5k journey. Today, it’s still going strong and remains a great place to read about all of her running adventures.

running rachel

39- Running Rachel

If you homeschool your kids, love your dog and can’t get enough running, then Rachel’s blog may be your undiscovered favorite. Read also for her other workout and nutrition tips.

lanni marchant

40- Lanni Marchant

Lanni doesn’t just run. Lanni wins. Her many victories include the Vancouver Scotia Bank Half Marathon and the Toronto Yonge Street 10k. How does she do it? She tells all in her blog.

the little runner girl

41- The Little Runner Girl

Run every marathon and never, ever stop, and while you’re doing it, draw inspiration from this blog and its combination of race reports and training summaries.

up and humming

42- Up & Humming

The owner of this blog describes herself as a “true Southern Girl” and loves, loves, loves to run. However, her blog is a slice of life that offers both humor and insight.

christina the athletarian

43- The Athletarian

What’s an athletarian? Why, an athlete who is also a vegetarian, of course. The recipes that this blog offers aren’t your average fare: they’re vegetarian recipes optimized so that your body gets the right amount of protein without any meat.

shut up and run

44- Shut Up and Run

This blog reminds you that running is about mind over matter. But this blog has plenty of mind, too: its author is a writer who holds nothing back. Prepare to be both inspired and entertained.

calgary runner girl

45- Calgary Runner Girl

Jenny’s weight loss journey is inspirational, but her love for Canada also shines through. Like many runners, she’s a dog mom whose pooch plays a big role in her life.

anne marie lategan

46- Anne Marie Ultra

ULtra long distance running is no joke, but Anne Marie makes it sound like a breeze. Her accounts of her races are truly breathtaking for casual runners and very motivating for ultra long distance runners.

warrior women

47- Warrior Women Running Blog

For a “reluctant” runner, the author of Warrior Women is very savvy. After realizing that a sedentary lifestyle was injuring her health, this writer embarked on a total fitness journey. She also tries out many digital exercise gadgets so that you don’t have to.

woman running uk

48- Women’s Running (UK)

From nutrition for vegan runners to upcoming events, this UK-based online blog is a comprehensive hub for everything even remotely connected to running. Definitely worth checking out for beginning and serious runners.

womens running

49- Women’s Running

Though it bears the same name as the previous entry, this is actually a different site with new and different information. However, its structure and format are similar: it’s a go-to resource for all things running.

run to the finish

50- Run to the Finish

If you really want to know how to achieve your fitness goals, then follow Amanda and her blog. But don’t take our word for it: Run to the Finish has been featured in many major magazines, including Fitness and Women’s Health.


If you love to run, then run. If you love to read and run, then we have you covered. These aren’t just the best running blogs for and by women: they’re your introduction into a global community of runners. Go ahead and fill your Facebook feed. Tweet running and pin running. Soon, you’ll be surrounded by inspiration.