5 Ways Drinking Diet Soda Can Change Your Body

The idea behind drinking diet soda seems sound. It has no calories so it isn’t really bad for you necessarily, right? Well, this is where things get tricky.

In recent years many studies have been performed on the artificial sweeteners used in diet soda, and the findings show that it might not be as healthy as people once thought.

It Can Change the Way Your Body Processes Sugar

One of the most alarming findings is that when you drink diet soda it can change the way your body processes sugar. It can wind up increasing your glucose intolerance. There is a change in your intestines when this occurs. Studies have proven this in the laboratory using test animals.

Although no tests have been performed on human participants, it would seem that these changes can impact your body on many levels.

The full extent of this is not known as of yet, but researchers are always seeking to find out more information to better understand the impact artificial sweeteners have on our bodies.  

Appetite Changes and Craving Sugar

Drinking diet soda can make some people crave sugar. When people get hit with these sugar cravings it can be difficult to resist the urge to indulge in a sugary treat. This can lead to weight gain through increased amounts of snacking.

There also seems to be a trend with people who drink diet soda eating higher calorie meals. It could be a way people make up for not getting any calories out of the drink itself. Despite getting no calories from their drink, eating more caloric meals leads to a net weight gain, negating any benefits from the diet soda.

Diabetes Risk

Despite not having any actual sugar, some studies show that diet sodas increase your risk of getting type 2 diabetes by 67 percent. This likely isn’t a direct cause of consuming the soda itself but is more from the appetite changes created by drinking it.

Studies have yet to show a direct link between diet soda and diabetes, but with the known issues such as causing cravings, it’s easy to make the connection for how this can happen.

Worse Bone Health

Another alarming finding is that diet soda could cause worse bone health. This has been seen in children as those who regularly drink soda have been seen to have weaker bones. Of course, this could be from a lack of drinking more healthy options. It’s also been shown that women who drink soda after going through menopause have a greater risk of hip injury.

Increased Weight and Belly Size

Although many people turn to diet sodas to lose weight, it would seem it actually causes weight gain in many situations. Studies have been performed that show people who drink diet sodas wind up showing increases in their waist size.

One study kept track of patients over the course of nine years. It wound up showing that the average diet soda drinker had waists that measured three inches larger on average.


It makes more sense to avoid both soda and diet soda in the long run. Some of the findings in these studies are pretty concrete, and others are a bit more tenuous.

Regardless, drinking something with better nutritional value is going to benefit your body much more. You should avoid the sodas and seek out healthier options.

If you have children it is especially important to at least make sure they don’t drink too much stuff like this.

Drinking water and certain juices can help a developing body to grow, but drinking soda will have no benefit. Do your best to make a sound decision for both yourself and your family. Your health is important and it’s up to you to stay informed so you can make the best choices.