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William designs, runs, and occasionally writes posts on WIMI Fitness. He likes to create stunning designs like the WIMI's logo, site, infographics and product packaging. Not afraid to venture out in uncharted territory with trying out new ideas to deliver superior user experiences, William always strives to better and improve upon his work. He's also the loving dad of a beautiful 3 years old little girl.

Foot Taping for Plantar Fasciitis

Learn how to tape your feet to prevent plantar fasciitis When used along the correct shoes, taping your feet can significantly reduce plantar fasciitis pain. Step 1 Starting in the arch, apply a strip of silk tape, extend it around the back of […]

5 Reasons to Wear Compression Sleeves for Recovery

Should you wear compression sleeves for recovery? Let’s find out. As you may know compressions sleeves aren’t a recent invention, they have been around for a long time and we have heard arguments from both sides of the “it’s a fad” […]

What Are The Real Benefits of Jumping on a Trampoline?

A trampoline may look like a toy for little kids at first glance, or when you witness someone bouncing on it playfully, but it does come with several health benefits that the majority of the general public is oblivious about. […]

20 Weird Things That Runners Do

Running is fun but it’s also a great way to look completely crazy to others. No worries, they’re just jealous. In the meantime, if you run a little you might relate to these bizarre things below. 1- Enjoying Running is Already […]

No More Excuses! Get Out And Run Immediately

Should you go running today? Stop finding excuses, put your shoes on right now and start running. It’s a great way to take control of your day, free your mind, get stronger and feel better. Motivated or not, simply follow the […]